80th birthday wishes


80th Birthday Wishes

  Blowing all your 80 candles is as difficult as taking the first place in Marathon. Age is just a matter of feeling. You aren’t eighty if you feel like it. The more you age the more valuable you become. I think your value is priceless. Happy 80th Birthday! You are not turning 60. You are just turning 20 for the fourth time. Happy Birthday!
  You have to change your ID, because they made a mistake. You are not 80. You are just a 40 year old with 40 years of experience. Wishing you a warm welcome to the new forty! Congratulations on turning eighty. You are closer from being a centenarian more than ever. Happy 80th Birthday! Wishing you a magnificent 80th Birthday! You don’t look a day older than 70! Wishing you a remarkable and unforgettable 80th Birthday! Thank God you didn’t have to blow 80 candles. It could take a whole day to do so. The advantage of being eighty years old is that one has many people to love. - Jean Renoir

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