Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Birthday wishes for nephew Collection

You will always be the first apple of my eye. Happy birthday my dear nephew.

“Best nephew in the world” is not sufficient to describe you. Happy birthday my dear.

birthday wishes for nephew

I will stay young forever at heart with your presence around me. Happy birthday.

You are a lucky nephew to have a cool relative who supports you. Happy birthday.

Unwrap your gifts from me and you will love me more. Happy birthday my nephew.

The word cuteness was redefined after you were born. Happy birthday to the cutest nephew.

You are the best gift my sister has given me ever. Happy birthday my best gift.

Birthday wishes for the kid who makes me smile every time without fail.

All worlds come to a still for me when it is my dearest nephew’s birthday.

Stay mischievous and happy through out your life. Happy birthday to my dearest nephew.

I became from being a normal person to an amazing uncle by the birth of my handsome nephew years ago. It still makes me well up a little when I think of the day. Happy birthday.

Finally I have a reason to live as I can pass on my traits to my dearest of dear nephew. Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew. Hope all your dreams and ambition come true.

I wish to announce to all of my friends across the world that a new member is added to my list and he is going to be the best friend from here on. He is none other than my nephew. Happy birthday.

I never thought the word uncle could actually have such a positive impact on me until the day I heard from your mouth. It’s always a pleasure to be one for you. Happy birthday.

It’s your birthday today my dear. As usual you can count on your uncle to bring some cool stuff for you even if it is prohibited by your parents. Happy birthday to my nephew.

The day you were born I realized that I could actually love a person more than my father. Thanks for coming into my world my darling and making me a proud aunt. Happy birthday.

Everyone says you resemble me in every character of yours, but I say you are a improved version of me. You excel in every field and have made me proud in every aspect. Happy birthday my nephew.

My image of being a strong woman came down as soon as I saw the cute little hands of yours. You make me a soft hearted person with every passing year. Happy birthday my dear.

All I want to say is grow up soon so that we can rock the world together. A new batman robin would arise and we will enjoy to the core. Happy birthday my nephew.

I just can’t believe that you are almost of 10 years old; I still have the image of your little hands catching hold of my finger. You will always be a baby for me. Birthday wishes from your dear aunt.

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