Birthday Wishes For Godmother

Birthday Wishes For Godmother Collection

Dear Godmother, all my life you have wished me well. On this birthday I wish you the best that life can give. Happy Birthday to You!

Time flies in a jiffy. Already you are a year older, yet I see you growing younger and more beautiful each year. Happy Birthday dear Godmother!

birthday wishes for godmother

Breaking news! Old is the new young. Keep growing and be younger year by year. Happy birthday to my younger Godmother. Have a bash to the core.

Happy birthday to you! You were born in a zoo .I am adopted so not related to you. Just kidding. Happy birthday Godmother.

First love comes only once in everyone’s life and it never fades. You are that love dear Godmother. Happy Birthday to you my Love!

You are the one that believed in me even when I was nothing. This cruise is a way of showing you how much I appreciate your confidence .Happy Birthday!

You must thank God for giving you such an adorable goddaughter who has never forgotten your birthday! Ha Ha have a great birthday this Year!

Love you! Miss you! Sorry for not being able to make it to your birthday bash. You are always in my thoughts Happy Birthday to you!

Twinkle, Twinkle, little star you have always been my super star .May you fly high in your party literally have a great year ahead Happy birthday your loving Goddaughter.

If I am Cinderella you are my fairy godmother you have always been there for me when I needed you .I hope I can be too. Happy Birthday Godmother.

They say Joy and sorrow go hand in hand, May you know only joy in your life and never know the other. Happy birthday!

You are the Greatest, Sweetest and the most awesome Godmother to grace this earth. Wishing you the best that life can bring to you Happy Birthday!

Let us travel around the world in 80 days and get the world to participate in the longest birthday bash. Love you sweet Godmother. Happy birthday Darling.!

Happy Birthday to you my dear Godmother .you have been the greatest source of strength to me!

Life has never been dull around you! You make things happen; you bring them life. Hope I am like you at your age Happy Birthday!

Age is never a bar to have fun– This is what you keep telling me. I am going to follow the same mantra. Happy birthday Godmother! Have fun.

Each day is brighter with your sunny sweet smile, May you live long Happy birthday to you! You make each day special.

All great things come in small packages! You are a living example for that .Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Have a Great year ahead!

Thank you for believing in me when I myself did not! I wish I can give you the world for your birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

I have stopped the clock for you so that you can always be with us .Wishing you a great blast this birthday make the most of it.

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