Birthday Wishes For Father In Law

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Birthday wishes for father in law Collection

Happy birthday, my dear father in law. Your gray hair and wrinkles, all speak of unfathomable wisdom and experience. I am so grateful I have you to look up to.

On this special occasion of your birthday, let us make a slight change. From today, you are not my father in law, but a loving dad for ever and ever. Happy birthday.

I am so grateful to be a part of a family which always had such a strong and handsome man to look up to and take care of them. I pray that I don’t fail to follow in your footsteps. Happy birthday.

Throughout the year, one question has been eating my head. Is there any difference between a father in law and a father? If there is, then I am grateful that I don’t get to see any. Happy birthday.

When my kids grow up, I would want them to spend a lot of time with you. For I know there can never be a better role model than you. Happy birthday daddy in law.

Only few people can claim to be as lucky as me, for I have not just one but two father figures in my life. Happy birthday, my dear papa in law.

In you I found another father, a great friend and an inspiration. I am so glad that an all rounder like you is my father in law. Happy birthday dad.

Father in law is always portrayed as distant, aloof and uptight. I am so glad that you are not that way. Happy birthday dad (in law)

Happy birthday dad. Yes dad because you have outgrown the tag of an in law long ago and been a dad to me in every way. May each day brings with it a new reason to celebrate.

Happy birthday, dear father. You have proved time and again that you are more than a father in law and more like a father. You are an inspiration for one and all for there is no one on earth like you.

I have just one regret in life, and that is not marrying your son years earlier, for that would have given me a few more years to spend with a perfect and caring father in law like you. Happy birthday.

When my kids grow up, I would want them to be just like you. Dignified, just and cool tempered, you are the best role model that I know. Happy birthday dad (in law)

I am so lucky that I married into this family and got to know an amazing person like you. You are not just a father in law but also my best buddy and guardian. Happy birthday to you.

Do you realize how hard it’s going to be for me when my daughter gets married? You have set up such high standards that my son in law would always be jealous of me for I have such a great father in law. Happy birthday.

Only few people are as lucky as me, for I am blessed with not just one but two amazing father figures in my life. Thank you and happy birthday dad.

Dear father in law, you know what, my dad is blaming you for pampering me too much and spoiling me. But I would say thank you for treating me like a princess. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. Hope your day is as amazing as you for you are the best dad in law and I can shout it out for the whole world to hear that I love you.

Can I ask for something as your inheritance on your birthday today? Please give me your amazing temper and patience. Happy birthday my dear and amazing dad in law.

You have always been like a real father to me. I can always look up to you and know that this handsome and amazing man would be there to guide me through. Cheers and happy birthday to the best dad in law.

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Happy birthday dad. As you are nearing retirement you are getting more handsome and good humored than ever. Hope you continue to be a source of inspiration for all.

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