Birthday Wishes For Grandmother

Birthday wishes for grandmother Collection

Life is so beautiful and easy if everyone has a grand mother who resembles you in everyway. Happy birthday

You have sugar right?? So just blow the candles and I will finish the cake.

birthday wishes for grandmother

So many wrinkles and yet so young at heart. Happy birthday my dear grandma.

Just wondering how many more people are as lucky as me to have a grand mother similar to you. Best wishes Grandma

Birthday wishes to the most huggable person to be present in the entire Universe. It’s none other than my Grandma.

Grandma, Wife and Mother, you manage to pull off each role with finesse. Happy birthday granny.

Girls beware! My grand mom has just turned one year younger today. You have competition.

The most beautiful thing for me to watch is the smile on your face grandma. Keep it going forever.

The love you have showered on me has made me what I am today. Thanks for everything. Happy birthday.

The more old you get the more beautiful and pretty you become. What is the secret behind this? I Guess age is not a factor in your life. Happy birthday to my Grandma.

If you happen to be walking in the streets around the colleges, you would be the prettiest women around. All the guys would still be behind you grand ma. Happy birthday young lady.

The taste of the food which I used to eat from your hands, still lingers in my mouth. That is the best food I have ever tasted in my life till date. Happy birthday to my special grandma.

Don’t strain yourself Grandma. I will help you in arranging the party for you.

When I see the mirror I know where I got these beautiful looks from. It is none other than you grandma. But still somehow you manage to stay younger than me. Happy birthday Grandma.

The pocket money which you used to give me in secret without my parents knowingwas the best memory of my childhood. Thanks for those lovely memories. Happy birthday to the best grandma in the world.

Caring. This word got a whole new meaning only when I grew up in your warmth. The care you have shown me can’t be substituted in anyway. Happy birthday grandma. May you live forever!

On this day, I wish to go on a date with the most beautiful women I have ever known. Would you kindly accept my offer grand mother? Happy birthday from your ever loving grandson.

You are always the person I run towards whenever I am at the receiving end of scolding from my parents. And every time you have saved me no matter what. Thanks for everything. Happy birthday Granny.

Fairy tales which you used to tell me when I was young fascinated me and made me enjoy my stay with you every single moment. Those are the moments I would always savor. Happy birthday grand mother.

The energy you have is amazing. It is as if you have turned 16 again. Wish you the most wonderful year ahead of you. Happy birthday to the sweetest and dearest grandmother in the entire world.

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