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This User Agreement will describe the conditions by which you agree to use this website and our services.


By using this website, you agree to these terms created by Birthdaywishes.net.

It is possible that we may amend sections of this Agreement from time to time by publishing the changed terms and conditions on the site.

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It is compulsory that you read and accept all the conditions that are in, or may be linked to, this User Agreement, the Code of Conduct and all site policies. By agreeing to this User Agreement, you are agreeing that the terms of the Agreement will be relevant and apply every time that you use or access the site, or when you use any available tools. Some sites may have other terms that will be given to you when or if you access them.

Using BirthdayWishes.net

1. infringe on or break any laws, third-party rights or policies

2. post offensive, misleading, inaccurate or false information (personal or otherwise) when you contact us through the website

3. post spam or send bulk emails, unwanted chain letters or any pyramid schemes

4. knowingly plant viruses or anything that may harm the site or any of its users; post or send anything that is offensive, derogatory, profane or other means of abuse or harassment/anything that may bring harm to or incite the mistreatment of another person

5. attempt to modify, change, disassemble or reverse engineer any software used by the site

6. copy or change rights or any other content from the site/ copyrights/trademarks

7. collect other users’ information, such as email addresses, without being given consent

Infringement upon Intellectual Property Rights

It is our policy to respond to any allegations of intellectual property rights infringement. Our copyright infringement policy seeks to make infringement claims as straightforward and easy as possible while reducing the amount of false or difficult infringement claims that we receive. It is important that, given you find that your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon, notify/contact us and we shall investigate the situation.

Third Party Links:

The site may include or contain links to third party sites; however, we do not have control over the sites to which we link. We do not endorse any of the products, policies or content of the sites we link to. The use of third party content and sites is done at your sole discretion and risk.


You will indemnify us and all of our related personnel, including agents and employees, against any claim made against us by a third party because of or stemming from your breach of the user agreement, or your infringement upon any laws or rights of a third party while using BirthdayWishes.net.

No Warranty As To Content On The Website:

The site is dynamic, and changes with time. Due to this, info on the site may change often. It is possible that some of this info may be seen as misleading, offensive or inaccurate.

The site and all of the content on the site are offered on an ‘as is,’ ‘with all faults’ and ‘as available’ basis. No warranties of any kind are explicitly or implicitly stated. Hence, we make no warranty concerning:

1. the site, or any services (if offered in the future)

2. the reliability, accuracy, availability or content of the site

3. whether or not the site will be current, secure, free of all errors or not misleading

4. whether site defects will be fixed

5. whether the site or any data will be backed up

6. any third party agreements or warranties of business that you receive via the site

7. the site being free of error or bad code, being secure, being confidential or being at any particular standard

To the extent permitted by law, we specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability for a particular purpose, quality, suitability and non-infringement.

Limitation Of Liability

In no event are we, our related entities, our affiliates or employees to be held liable, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), or any other form, for:

1. any damages that you incur, whether they be direct, indirect, incidental or consequential

2. any loss of funds or profits, whether direct or indirect, that you incur

3. any claim, damage or loss that you incur as caused any transaction that you make on the site

The limitations on our liability as shown above shall apply whether or not we and all of our related entities as aforementioned have been advised of the risk of such losses. We specifically limit our liability in the case of the breach of a non-excludable warranty implied by legislation to the following remedies (the choice of which remains under our sole discretion).

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