Sweet Birthday Wishes

Sweet birthday wishes Collection

I thank god that he gave me a friend like you who has been with me through time. Happy birthday bro.

It’s your special day my friend, hope this year turns to be a very prosperous one for you. Happy Birthday.

This is the perfect day for me to show that you are my best friend and I will be present with you for eons. Happy birthday

Accept at least now that you’re growing old buddy. Many more joyful returns of theday.

With age you have grown more wisdom and so have the white hairs on your head.

Dude, get the hint. Candles are very costly these days, so kindly do not throw a party at us.

Just another day for the rest but it’s a special day for those have the pleasure of being around. Happy birthday.

You have infused so much of happiness in others. May this day provide you the same happiness.

A catastrophe happened years ago on this very same date and I was affected the most. Happy birthday dude.

Every moment I spend with you is precious and am thankful for this day to give me a friend like you.

There is always a special bond between siblings. Our bond is beyond that. Am lucky to have a brother like you who has supported me through various phases of my life. Happy birthday bro.

The thing which makes a girl most proud is to get a true and loving husband. I am very blessed to get a soul mate as you. Happy birth day my dear. I will always be with you.

Every girl’s first love is their dad. When a guy surpasses the love which the girl has on the guy, it means he is the world to her now. You are my world now. Happy birthday dear.

Am I still dreaming? Or is that I have the most beautiful and caring wife in the entire world. Happy birthday to a person who has made me the luckiest person in the entire universe.

When I think of the day I actually met you, brings a smile in my face always. Every moment after that till now has been one to relish for a lifetime. Happy birthday my dear.

Congratulations buddy. You have successfully ventured into another year of wisdom and gained a step towards old age. Just pulling your leg brother. Have an awesome birthday and as usual have a blast.

I ask myself the question why am I born in this world. I dint find an answer until I met you. The sole reason was to be in your presence and enjoy every moment of life. Happy birthday dear.

The amount of air I breathe, the type of food I take, in fact the very existence of me is because you only mother. I would like to take this birthday as an opportunity to thank you for everything.

Friends come in your life and go, but relations always stick on. And the relation who never fails to go away is a loving sister. Happy birthday to my sister who never lets go of my side.

I dint think I was emotional towards any one till I met your mom. I dint know I could get more attached to anyone till you were born. This day, years ago an bonding began. Happy birthday son.

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