Simple Birthday Wishes

Simple birthday wishes Collection

A friend is a person who comprehends your past, hopes to be present in your future, and is happy for the way you are even if you are getting older by the day. Happy Birthday to a dear friend who has stood by me and will also stand by me at all phases of my life.

With the Blowing of another candle in your life should mean that you have lived a year with happiness and you have made your surroundings a better place. Make every day of your life count. Enjoy the birthday to its maximum limit and have a great time ahead in the coming year.

I Hope you are enjoying one of the best birthdays as yet. I wish that you get what you wish for and that you choose the ideal wish. Forget not that you only get one chance a year. Make the day a special one and a day to remember for the whole year ahead.

One more birthday passes by my friend and you have not become a day older in everyone’s opinion despite the numerous birthdays that you have come across each surpassing year. Age does not come in between friends. Happy birthday to a friend who is as young as we first met.

A good friend is one who listens to every memory of yours and shares theirs to you. A best friend one is who has lived those memories along with you and joke about the events later in life. Happy birthday to my best friend who made those memories an everlasting one.

This is the perfect day for me to show that you are my best friend and will be there forever. You are so special to me and will be always one. Have a splendid birthday and a magnificent year forward. Wishing you a many more joyful returns of the day my friend.

There are 364 days in a year when you might not get birthday presents and only one day for birthday presents, you know. So make the most use of the day in which you are considered special buddy as you would not see it for another year. Happy birthday Dude.

Forget about the past, because you can’t amend it. Forget about the future, because you can’t forecast it. Forget about the present, as I didn’t get you one. Happy birthday to a friend who has just a turned year wiser and older. Age is catching up buddy. So Beware.

Every year you helped me to face each obstacle, every frustration and every fight that lied ahead just by standing besides me and giving me all the strength that I needed in order to swim across the great ocean named as life. Happy Birthday Dad and thank you for everything you have given.

Some believe that a birthday is an apt time to look back at events of the past. Some say a birthday is an apt time to think about what is lying ahead. I say blow out the candles, ‘distribute the cake’ and let’s feast on it. Happy birthday my wonderful friend who is going to give me huge birthday treats!!

Words in any language across all over the planet are not enough to articulate how indebted I am for you being in my life and for what you have done for me throughout these years. You have brought me happiness at all times and situations. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

Consider yourself as a glass of wine. The more the age it gets the more the taste it becomes. Generally people at your age get freaked out when they are actually called at as Oldies. Am I Right …oldie? Happy Birthday! You look fine for a person who is by one year closer to death.

Many people think that the finest way to remember a special friend’s birthday is to forget it once purposefully. I think that Google calendar works better. Happy Birthday to a friend whose birthday would not be forgotten at any cost as its one of the special days to me as well.

The only reason I managed to stay awake in the middle of the night and wish you is not to make you feel special but to remind you that I am also included into any party that you give away for friends. Happy birthday bro. Hope you have rocking life ahead.

When you know that one has to spend more on the candles than the cake itself, it means you are getting old buddy. No more space is available in the cake to fit in the candles, so let us begin from first. Happy birth day to a person who’s age is difficult to figure if the candles are thrown away.

Greeting to the brand new chapter of your life. These Teenage years are the most remarkable of them all. Learn to cherish these years as these memories will be present with you for eternity. Happy birthday to a kid who is slowly blossoming into manhood. Have a wonderful life ahead.

Even though we are not always near each other, Brother, you must know that I am always so glad that we have enough memories that we can always share. We have grown from being ever fighting kids to a couple of best friends who share everything under the sun. Happy Birthday my brother

I would like to thank God everyday for allowing you to be born in this world just so that you could grow up to marry a man like me. You are the most special thing that has happened to me in my entire life. Special Happy Birthday to a person who makes everyday of my life a special one.

May the success multiply many times, may the happiness grow manifold and may you achieve all that you have ever wanted. On this fateful day, I wish you a long, prosperous and successful life ahead. A very happy birthday to you!

I will not wish that you get what you want. Rather, I would wish that you get that you have not even hoped for. May God shower his blessings on you and fill your life with the brightest lights and with the most jubilant days. Happy birthday my friend!

Finally the day has come which I await the whole year. Today is the birthday of my most precious friend. Let us get to the disco tonight and party till we drop. Let us open the bottle and booze till we lose sense. Let us have the ultimate fun. Happy birthday!

Life has a thousand ways of showing how much we are cared for. Today is one such day for you. Whether you know or not, you are loved by many people around you. My friend, I hope the best for you in life. Happy birthday to you.

I woke up today with a feeling that something is special today, but kept wondering what it is. Then you came before me and I felt so stupid. How can I forget the birthday of the person I love the most? Happy birthday my dear.

You are my little princess, you are my sweet angel, and my dear daughter, you are my cutie pie whom I love so much. Here are loads of wishes for my little princess. On this day, I wish the best for you in your life. May you get all the happiness in life. Happy birthday!

Let happiness reach your eyes, eagerness reach your smile and toughness reach the forehead of your face every time you face anyone. Hope that you imbibe your love and joy to everyone around you. Wishing you the best birthday ever. Have a great and a wonderful year ahead.

No matter how difficult I try, no matter how much I do, I can’t be able to show you how much I am grateful for all that you have done for me. You are my angel, you are my strength. Happy birthday to my mom who has made me a person who I am today.

You have been the oldest friend I have ever had in my entire life. Thanks for being such a sweetheart to me sister. No matter how hard we have fought , the truth is I have always loved you and will do so in the future as well. Happy birthday. Have a blast.

Friends are the reason of happiness instilled in everybody. Thank you helping me when it was needed, encouraging me and sharing with me every piece of yourself profusely. Thank you for my happiness. Happy birthday to a dear friend who has made a difference in my life in every possible way.

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