Sexy Birthday Wishes

Sexy birthday wishes Collection

To my little pussycat, all the milk in the bowl wont suffice to tell you how much I want to purr you…

Feeling the warmth of your body next to mine is the way I want to sleep the rest of my life.

My love, you chained my heart and soul to your feet. You have whipped me with your warmth and wisdom and you thought me what life is all about.

Going on a rampage looking for my sexy girl, I know I found her once before. once I will find you I will chain you to me and never let you go.

You’re my little red-riding hood and I am the big bad wolf, will chase you around the world and eat you.

You are too sexy for this world to see, so I will keep you safe and locked behind a protective key. I will come and see you every day, to make sweet love to you, all my life, I cant wait.

When I see you all I can think of is holding you in my arms and make sweet loving to you all night.

Our touch, your lips, your juicy body, you inner beauty and your kiss, swiped my over my feet.

Once a pone a time there was a man looking for a jχm, he looked everywhere he could think but didn’t even get a glance. And than he found you and at night he made love to you. as he have come he found it.

Loving you every night and all night long is the only thing I wish for.

You have taken me to school, you Taught me how to romance, you have Taught me how make love, you have Taught me how live and you have Taught me how to love.

You’re so sexy; I will go on 4 to show you how much I want you.

Your lips are intertwined with mine, your hands hold mine, your bosom is pressed to mine, as the world disappeared, your mine.

Loving you hearts, leaving you hearts worse, not making love to you is worse than all.

Baby I have your birthday cake right here…. all you need to do now, is blow…

You have reached the age that you can start living, remember to always be on top, always be careful and were a condom, to have lots of fun and do it all.

You are the best partner inside and outside the bedroom. We are definitely going to have a wild celebration of your birthday in the bedroom tonight. Get prepared for the enjoyment that we are going to have. I am waiting for the birthday celebration to end with others after you cut the cake and begin with me in the bedroom. Wish you a very hot, steamy and a happy birthday sweet heart!!

You have taken me to school and taught how to romance. You have taught me how to make love, the lessons you taught me how to love and how to live will be remembered by me forever. When I look at you I think of holding you in my arms and make sweet love for the whole night that will be memorable forever. Have a romantic and happy birthday darling!!

My sexy love, I want to spoon you for the rest of our lives.

No rain nor snow will keep me a way from your bed in a cold night. nor heat wave nor desert storm will keep me away from your pools passion on a hot day.

Your strong hands caressing my body, your piercing gaze telling how much you want me, make all my limbs purr and quiver.

We’ve been dating for some time, and you are constantly on my mind, please let me love making to you for the first time.

Now you have grown up and attained an age that you have to start living, be independent and do whatever you want to do. Get ready for the celebrations tonight as that will your best birthday gift ever. The enjoyment will go at its peaks and you will enjoy to the core tonight. I promise you to give 100% to you on your birthday. Wish you a very happy and a memorable birthday darling!!

Hope you are not bothering to wear good clothes on you as those are of no use. You know that I will be waiting to see you on your birthday dress tonight. Uncover the gift in the day time and uncover the dress in the night and give me the special gift on your birthday. This birthday will sure bring back all the romantic memories we share as we are going to have a recap of all those. Have a happy and memorable birthday darling!!

You are my little pussycat, the milk in the bowl will not be enough to convey my feelings to you and to what extent I want to purr you. I wish to sleep you for rest of my life and feel the warmth in it. My special gift is waiting at the night and I m sure you will be waiting for it. Get ready for the night with lot of energy and excitement. Wish you a very happy birthday my darling!!

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