Rude Birthday Wishes

Rude birthday wishes Collection

Hey you.. a very happy birthday to that I have wished you give me my cake and lets get the party started old man!!

Hey I can’t believe that you survived another year man… You’re as old as the tree in your backyard I guess, well whatever it is happy birthday to you!

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Oh my God, another year gone and you’re still the same… The one who said aging makes us wise was a fool I guess… Happy birthday dear boy..!!

Woho one more year passed and now you’re as old as the independent America!! Now that calls for a party eh..happy birthday!!

Happy birthday…this year I thought of gifting you the birthday candles but realized that the candles were costing more than the cake.. so I bought the cake!!

All your life you stopped us from asking your age, and now you’re too old to remember it.. well nonetheless happy birthday to you girl!!

Hey friend!! A very happy birthday to you.. I thought of giving you something vintage on birthday this year so here it is…your own photograph!!

Happy birthday to the guy who can go looking for vintage items in his own store room…gosh you’re too old man!!

Hey pal..happy’s me your only friend other than the alcohol!! I hope you’ll be awake on your birthday at least…

Now is the time to admit that you have actually grown old.. you’re not sixteen anymore old lady!! So get up and do a reality the way happy birthday!!

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Hey, happy birthday to you fat ass….now get your big fat ass out here so we can get the party started you hear me?

Hey there, happy birthday you big fat knob head of a guy!! Don’t worry I would say nothing more as its your birthday today, consider yourself lucky..

Oh my god I can’t believe how lucky you are to get wished by me on your birthday… happy birthday loser.. let’s have a party!!

Hey sweetie happy birthday!! You know I remember your birthday because you’re the only family member I am least ashamed to be associated with..

Hey old man…just dropped in to say happy birthday to you and that this year your birthday is going to be legen-wait for it and I hope you’re not gonna die before I finish this sentence-dary!!

You don’t expect to light candles on your birthday cake this year do you? Because if you do then it’s gonna take hours to light them.. happy birthday !!

It’s time for you to believe that you have grown old and probably book some pilgrimage travel rather than plan to go to vegas.. happy birthday by the way!

Heyy I just couldn’t stand to see you smile so I came over here to celebrate your birthday and now you’re gonna have to spend a lot to make me happy…happy birthday..

I am so happy that I stay so far away that I don’t need to make an excuse for not attending your stupid birthday parties..and ya happy birthday to you.

Hey you lazy bones, get your ass off from that bed and come here, I have come a long way to screw your birthday haha..happy birthday!!!

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