Romantic Birthday Wishes

Romantic birthday wishes Collection

On your birthday accept me as your gift from me and keep it with u forever.

It’s just another day but for me the best one of the year. Happy birthday

Its lovely that I forget all days but remember the ones birthday who never forgets me.

May you always keep giving me profusely the best in you-your smile. Happy birthday

For the one whom I love the most than anything in this world-happy birthday

My little way of wishing you on your birthday is by saying how much love I have on you.

I would like to give you the number of kisses according to number of candles on the cake.

Don’t expect me to wish you on your birthday cause you never look older to me.

Birthdays come and go. But I will stay with you forever. Happy birthday my love.

I should celebrate more on your birthday as it is I who got a very special gift sent from angels. Happy birthday

On your birthday lots of people will be thinking of you. I wanted to let you know that I think of you everyday and on your birthday a little more than usual. Happy birthday Dear.

Count your nights by stars and not the shadows, count your days by the smiles and not tears, on your birthday count your age by my kisses to you, not years you have survived

You don’t have a birthday, which means you are not born therefore you cannot die. Celebrate your birthday everyday in the place where you are actually living eternally i.e in my heart. Happy birthday

You mean everything to me in this world today and everyday. On this day I would like to thank your parents for gifting me the love of my life. Happy birthday to my sorcerer’s stone.

I may not be celebrating your special day with you. But I want you to know right now I am thinking about you and the good times we spent together and it makes me smile. Thanks for the smile dear.

I m trying my best to get you a gift that will be more beautiful, valuable and precious then the one you have gifted to me. Wondering what?? It’s none other than you dear. Happy birthday.

You think you are so special today and you got this gift from me because it’s your birthday? Its complete nonsense. You are special everyday to me and I have been gifting you my love everyday

I know I have missed all your birthdays before we met. But on this very birthday I promise that I will be with you till your 100th birthday. you are the best thing that happened to me.

With every passing year I adore you more. You’re a god’s gift to me and I gift my entire life to you. Happy birthday my darling. Have a wonderful year ahead and be by my side always.

You are always the first and only thought that occurs in my heart no matter if we are together or far apart. The thought enhance with every birthday of yours. Happy birth day my dear.

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