Poker games like texas hold'em you should try - video poker next!

Hundreds of poker variations have been created over time, most of them based on the basic rules of standard poker. However, others have come about from pure imagination, adding new aspects we never thought possible.

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This diversity gives us the opportunity to discover unique features, such as using video devices (as you will see momentarily), additional wild cards, or even integrating other games like blackjack.

Texas hold'em is a wonderful game we all enjoy, but sometimes it's good to step out of our comfort zone and learn something new. Today we'll be looking at 5 interesting poker games similar to texas hold em but different in their own right.

Poker Games Like Texas Hold'em - Find Your Match!

Most poker variations share some similarities when compared to Texas hold'em, despite bringing novel elements to the table. This is valid for both poker de video ,which you can find playing slot-style games, and traditional poker variants.

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In order to understand these games faster and easier,we have prepared a list with 5 poker games like Texas hold'em, but different nonetheless. The following paragraphs will give you a quick idea of what to expect from each one:

  • **Poker Bowling - this merger between poker and bowling allows players to place wagers on the outcome of bowling matches instead of actual hands. It can be found at select casinos in Atlantic City and other locations around the USA.  
  • Video Poker - this electronic version of Five Card Draw can be found at land-based and . Despite using a machine, it follows the same rules as the traditional variant and offers extra features like multipliers and progressive jackpots. 
  • 320 Degree Hold'em - originally patented by Shuffle Master, this variant uses six decks of cards and is played on a triangular table. It also comes with an extra bet used to qualify for a progressive jackpot community card. 
  • Five-Card Let It Ride - this variation was created by Shufflemaster in the 90s and popularized by stations on cruise ships. Instead of discarding cards, players here keep all five, since the winning combination is formed by the final hand without the use of poker de video devices. 
  • video poker machines - not an actual poker variation, but deserves to be mentioned due to its popularity at online casinos. These are randomly generated games resembling a slot machine, where your skill has very little influence on the outcome. 
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As you can see, even though we are talking about poker games like hold'em, they are vastly different from the archetypal game. Some use poker de video devices, while others don't require any betting on hands.

For example, Poker Bowling doesn't involve actual hands, while video poker found at casino resorts uses a machine to generate them. Now that we know the basics, let's analyze them one by one and see how they work!

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Poker Bowling - Wager on Bowling Scores

Whenever we wish to take a break from regular poker, holding cards and outsmarting opponents, we can always try different poker games like Texas hold'em that don't actually involve poker. Yes, you've read that correctly.

One good example in this direction is Poker Bowling, a game created in Atlantic City's Trump Plaza back in 1998. Developed by Shuffle Master, it managed to attract quite a few clients thanks to the unusual blend of poker and bowling.

Just like our , Poker Bowling didn't utilize regular poker de video machines, but ended up using them partially. In fact, this poker bowlings game focuses more on bowling than actual poker, allowing players to place wagers on the score of other people's rolls.

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The game is played on a typical ten-pin lane and consists of nine frames, just like regular bowling. However, every frame belongs to a certain poker hand, so bets are placed accordingly:

  • Frame 1 - Royal Match 
  • Frame 2 - Pair 
  • Frames 3 & 4 - Two Pairs 
  • Frame 5 - Bingo 
  • Frames 6 & 7 - Straight/Flush 
  • Frame 8 - Four of a Kind 
  • Frame 9 - Five of a Kind, aka Royal Turkey

Depending on the frame, players can go anywhere from 4 to 12 rolls, with the maximum possible score being 300 (in case all spares and strikes are made). The bowler's first two rolls represent one poker card, with the third (if needed) if he gets a split or spare. The seventh and eight rolls are taken by the same method for the second card. 

After the ninth frame, extra wagering opportunities appear depending on the score, while the bowler goes for the tenth frame (bonus roll) without any blocks. Here, he receives a flat fee and an extra amount corresponding to the final poker hand.

Even though Poker Bowlings sounds complicated, it's rather fun and easy once you get the hang of it. You can try it out at selected casinos in Philadelphia, Maryland, Mississippi, and , including the Tropicana Atlantic City.

If you feel like it, maybe even organize your own , especially since summer is almost here and most people go on vacation near the beach.

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Play Video Poker on Casino Slot Machines

When looking for poker games like Texas hold'em but different, video poker is an option worth considering. As opposed to Poker Bowlings, this one actually involves poker de video machines installed at casinos, where you can play by yourself.

Unlike other poker games turned into slot games that we've mentioned in our , video poker is the real deal. Created in the 1970s, within a year after the first video lottery terminicals appeared in bars and taverns across the United States, this variant uses the same rules as Five Card Draw.

However, unlike the traditional version, players interact only with the machine, without facing opponents. It starts by inserting money/card, then choosing the bet size and type, followed by "deal."

After receiving the initial five cards, you have the option of keeping/discarding according to the potential value of each hand. Given the fact that this poker game is like a slot machine in many ways, it's better to keep as many as possible during the first round.

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Given the random nature of the draw, there's no strategy involved here and pretty much the same as pushing the "spin" button on your favorite .

The main difference is that you have a certain set of decisions which might influence the final outcome, while slots are purely based on luck. In video poker, the ultimate goal is to get a pair of jacks or better, in order to cover the initial bet and make a profit.

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Some of the most popular variants include Jack or Better, Deuces Wild, All American Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Pick'em Poker, etc. If you want to learn more about this subject, our could represent a good starting point.

Video poker can be found both in brick & mortar and online casinos. However, the second category offers way more games, larger bonuses, and extra perks for high rollers/VIPs, as you can find out in the lines to come.

320 Degree Hold'em - Six Max Poker Table Game

Shuffle Master is probably the most important creator of poker games like hold'em, but different all the same. Along with Five-Card Let It Ride and the aforementioned Poker Bowling, they also invented an interesting variant called 320 Degree Hold'em.

Also known as Six-handed Texas Hold'em or Hold'em Under the Gun, this poker game likes texas hold'em but is played on a special , capable to seat six players. Unlike No-Limit Hold'em, here the dealer deals clockwise from themselves to the first three players, followed by the last two.

Each player must place an additional bet equal to the lower limit before they are allowed to see their cards. In case nobody makes the extra Qualify Bet, the dealer removes the community card and deals new flop.

Once the qualification bet is made, players develop just like a regular Texas hold'em round, ending with a single community card placed in the middle (320 degrees). All bets are placed face up on the table, while raising is done in multiples of 10 ante.

Official WSOP rules for 320 Degree Texas Hold’em can be seen below or on page 119 of the latest edition.

Even though this variant looks and feels like standard Texas hold'em, the extra qualifying bet turns things around and increases the pot from the very beginning. Unfortunately, due to its specific table and unusual betting system, 

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Unfortunately, this variant is difficult to play online or find tables at live casinos nowadays. The manufacturing patent expired and other companies started creating similar games under different names, like for example “6+ Holdem”.

Even so, the main aspects remain, such as ante bets for all players, no blinds, and an extra qualifier. Check out our dedicated guide for and you will find useful info related to rules, odds, strategy, and more.

Five-Card Let It Ride - Keep all Cards, No Devices

Five Card Stud was the most popular poker variant back in the ’70s, so it’s natural for gamblers to want to innovate and create new versions. That being said, Five Card Let It Ride is more similar to video poker than Texas hold'em, but still contains certain elements from the basic rules.

It was created in 1993 by Shuffle Master (now known as GTECH G2) and became very popular on cruise ships. Due to its relaxing nature and simple rules, this poker game like video poker is often preferred by beginners or elderly customers.

As you could guess from the name, lets you keep all five cards and focuses more on the hand you form at the end, without anyOuts or Discards. Similar to , it begins with three deals followed by three rounds of betting.

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The first card is dealt immediately, followed by a bet representing 50% of your initial wager. If you are not satisfied with the second card and the Community Card, you can abandon the hand and lose your bet. The same goes for the third card and the entire hand if no fourth card is dealt.

In case you decide to let it ride after the second round, a fourth card is added, plus an extra bet on par with the first one. With all four cards in front of you, it's much easier to evaluate the potential value of your hand 

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If you choose to let it ride and see the fifth card along with an additional bet, equivalent to two units. After observing your complete hand, you can either declare your victory or enter into a game of pair plus, where you receive an extra payout based on the quality of your hand.

Five-Card Let It Ride is a relaxed poker game similar to texas hold em online and can be found at major casino resorts all around the globe. However, if you prefer playing from the comfort of your home, can offer all the action you need with plenty of extra perks.

Is Video Poker a Poker Game?

As you can see from our examples, finding poker games like Texas hold'em is easier than it seems. However, not all of them contain standard poker de vehicle or even classic poker rules. Such is the case with Poker Bowling, which focuses more on bowling scores than actual poker.

On the other hand, the remaining four entries on our list contain certain elements from Texas hold'em yet follow different paths. plays a similar role, while Five-Card Let It Ride does not require any outs or discards, being more similar to video poker.

Finally, 320 Degree Hold'em behaves and feels like six-max Texas, yet requires an extra qualifying bet and a different table. Video poker is also worth mentioning in this context, especially since it can be found at brick & mortar venues and leading online casinos.

Even though poker de video machines do most of the work for you, you still get to keep or discard cards, making video poker roughly similar with hold'em. As far as online versions are concerned, the best ones out there are usually disguised as slot games and offer huge jackpots.

To sum up, all five poker games presented in today’s article are interesting and fun to play. They can be found at major casino resorts all over the globe and are perfect if you want to take a break from regular poker and outsmarting opponents.

Moreover, some of them do not require you to actually play against others, like video poker or Five-Card Let It Ride. The latter is even more similar to video poker than Texas hold'em, due to the fact that it does not use poker tables and betting circles.

All cards are handed face up and you get to keep everything you receive, without any options to improve by disposing of certain cards. Instead, you “let it ride” and hope for the best, just like a slot machine player that pulls the lever in search of big rewards.

In conclusion, video poker is indeed a poker game and represents a great way to have fun during the summer holidays, without having to travel to Vegas or Atlantic City. If you think otherwise, please let us know in the comment section below and explain why you consider video poker to be different from Texas hold'em.

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