Humorous Birthday Wishes

Humorous birthday wishes Collection

Only once in a year you get to see a special day where in the friends of the birthday person enjoy more than that of the person only. Thanks for the Birthday bumps and treat my friend. Happy birthday.

Every year you get more gorgeous and beautiful. There is some attraction which makes the beauty come out. What make up do you use my dear?? Happy birthday and maintain the beauty for next one year.

Oh it is your birthday eh?? I never knew dinosaurs still existed. I thought they were extinct millions of years ago. Kudos for you to survive for such a long period. Happy birthday bro.

Dude, get the hint. Candles are very costly these days, so kindly refrain from conducting a party. It is difficult to manage so many candles inside the small cake. Anyways have a fantastic birthday.

The first birthday and Last birthday of a person is kind of similar. Neither of the occasions does the person realize who their friends are? Don worry mate you are not there yet. Happy birthday and make the most use of it.

Angels do exists in this world. I am one live example of it. Be happy to have married to one and make sure angels get their birthday treats. Happy birthday to my lucky husband.

Many more joyful returns of the day. Enjoy to the core. An entire year has passed and what have you accomplished in order to celebrate another birthday. At least try to make amends now and be more responsible. First thing you must do is to treat me grandly buddy.

It is said a greatest gift any person can give is the abundance of love. So here I am present at your party wishing you from the bottom of my heart. So don’t expect any gifts from as my presence is only a gift for you. Happy birthday dude and where is my treat?

The only reason I managed to stay awake in the middle of the night and wish you is not to make you feel special but to remind you that I am also included into any party that you give away for friends. Happy birthday bro. Hope you have rocking life ahead.

You have been there with me from my childhood, always been there at happy moments, sad moments and various point of life. So dude I would like to say this, you are getting a year older and its high time you leave me alone so that I can Enjoy. Happy birthday Dude!

Every year when I come to your birthday party I feel more and more depressed as it makes me realize am also getting older along with you. So from next time, do invite me only for the treats so that I stay younger in my mind. Happy birthday Oldie.

Some believe that a birthday is an apt time to look back at events of the past. Some say a birthday is an apt time to think about what is lying ahead. I say blow out the candles, ‘distribute the cake’ and let’s feast on it. Happy birthday my wonderful friend who is going to give me huge birthday treats!!

A friend wishes you on the day of the birthday, a good friend would wish at mid night to make you feel special but only a best friend would forget the birthday and still get the chance to give birthday bumps with no regrets. Belated wishes to my best friend.

Have a great year ahead. Every single guys dream is to get married and every married guys dream is to live the life of bachelor once again. Happy birthday to a dear wife who completed the first dream but now not letting me to fulfill the current dream.

I am not able to put in words the amount of things you have done to me. So am taking your birthday as the golden opportunity to give birthday bumps for all the tortures you have done. Happy b day bro.

You are the twinkle of my eye, moon of my sky, a rain drop in my brow. See due to the training from you I have become a very good liar. Happy birthday my dear and have a rocking year.

25 years before a catastrophic event occurred on the face of the earth. It has changed the lives of thousands and thousands around the world. And yet it still survives to prey on for more victims. Happy birthday my friend. Hope you find more people to torture this year.

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