Hilarious Birthday Wishes

Hilarious birthday wishes Collection

You know the wise men say that forget the past because it is no longer alterable, forget about the future because you don’t know what is going to happen, and well I say forget about the present because I did not get you one…happy birthday!!

Hey mate, wishing you a very happy birthday…smile while you still have teeth because I have heard that people lose teeth when they get old…

Happy birthday you lazy fat ass…don’t eat too much cake or we will have to celebrate your birthday in the hospital!!

I heard that people get wiser as they get old but you’re just getting old and I am still waiting for you to get wiser. Happy birthday oldie…

The time of birth is probably the only time when parents are smiling while you’re crying, after that its always the parents crying and you smiling…happy birthday brat..!!

While you were young it was such a tough task to find a birthday present for you but now that you’ve grown older I have just the right present for you….an anti-wrinkle cream lol…happy birthday sweetie..

I wish to give you birthday bumps. But no let the idea drop, you are growing heavier with each passing year. So lets rest with just wishing you happen birthday. Have a blast.

A sexy outfit, a cool watch, hot pair of glasses- I was wondering what to get you for your Birthday. Don’t die of happiness though, none of that was within my pocket so here is a birthday wish for you.

It is not your fault dear. You cannot help losing one more year of your life. So you might as well enjoy it till you last. Happy Birthday.

Thank god your birthday comes only once in a year. Otherwise I would be fat with all the eating and broke with all the gifts I have to give you. Happy Birthday

We can keep mum about the no. of candles on your cake if you promise to bribe us with food and wine through the week. Happy getting old. Happy Birthday.

Today is your big day. Burn the candles on your cake and let’s together burn the calories after eating the same. Happy Birthday.

I almost skipped wishing you today but being a good friend I had to remind you, you are older by an year buddy. But anyways Happy Birthday.

Cut the cake, burn the candle, age is no bar, you can survive a careless handle. Happy Birthday.

Can I ask you how old are you? But I guess it doesn’t matter, with the way you behave, I am betting you will never grow up. Have a great birthday.

I can never understand why people celebrate the fact that they are getting older. Nevertheless, I would be sure to attend your party. Happy Birthday dude have a big party.

I still remember the day you were born a meteor nearly missed hitting the earth as if God was saying the meteor is too little a problem my dear, I have just sent a bigger one to you…happy birthday..!!

Oh yes it is your birthday again! Have a great time and I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest. But of course try not to think about your growing age. Happy birthday!!

Even though a birthday means that you’re aging but let’s just forget this fact for today and celebrate your big day…because the next year you’re gonna be older still..happy birthday

Oh yeah today is your birthday!! I was waiting for it from so many days…not that I love you so much its just because I love the birthday cake!! Happy birthday!!

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