Fun Birthday Wishes

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Fun birthday wishes Collection

Fighting against aging is like fighting against me, you know you can’t win in either case. So let’s make peace ad celebrate your growing up!! Happy birthday buddy!

Wise say that hope is the branch on which we rest on, but if you eat too much cake chances are that the branch would break soon. Happy birthday mate!

I found a funny co -relation between aging and being dishonest about your age. So hurry up and tell me on a scale of 1- 100, how many years dishonest are you turning today?

Since your mother worked extremely hard to give birth to you, shouldn’t she be the one getting all the gifts and wishes? For without her i wouldn’t have met a sweet idiot like you. Happy birthday!

Despite all the arguments (that i won) and all our misunderstandings (due to you) you know you are the one of the most beloved persons in my life. Happy birthday to you love…

My heart is shining because your birthday is coming and I should get you a birthday gift. And now my time to sing as for now i should extract a good return gift. Happy birthday sweetie…

If I were you i would not worry about my age. For next year you would be even older than this so enjoy while you still can buddy…happy birthday

We have always shared a very special bond and you know I’ll be there with you always except if there is only one parachute and the two of us…in that case I’ll just have to miss you…happy birthday!!

Isn’t it great that the world sucks, otherwise we would fall of it. Now enjoy and let’s celebrate not falling on your birthday!! Happy birthday

If you want others to remember your birthday, do something wrong with them on that day and by god they’re gonna remember you forever..!! Happy birthday my friend…

When you were a small kid, you were biting your fingernails. When you grew older, you were scratching your ass. I hope that you don’t do them both now. Happy birthday dude!!

We have heard that wisdom comes with age. You see, you are still a long way from aging. Have a brilliant birthday my stupid friend!

What always goes up but doesn’t come down? Well no point guessing. Its your age, have a laughter filled day my dear… Happy birthday!!

God is a writer of comedy, but many a times he is stuck with bad characters who do not know how to be funny…Isn’t it funny that you exist? Happy birthday my funny friend!!

Dear friend, do you know birthdays are good for your health? The more you have them the longer you live. So let’s celebrate yours today!! Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, funny and sexy. Gosh! You remind me so much of me!!!

Let’s celebrate your birthday with lots of cakes, sweets and wishes, for this year you’re not as old as you will be in the next!!

Since you are so special to me let me give some free advice this birthday… Smile while you still have your teeth intact!! Happy birthday!

There were a lot of famous people who were born on your birthday, it’s sad that you are not oneof them…but anyways happy birthday to you!!

The time of birth is probably the only time when parents are smiling while you’re crying, after that its always the parents crying and you smiling…happy birthday brat..!!

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