Facebook Birthday Wishes

Facebook birthday wishes Collection

A very warm, wrapped in love and care and of course electronic birthday greeting to my nearest and dearest… god bless you!!

Hey there so glad that facebook has the birthday notifications otherwise I would have forgotten your birthday lol…happy birthday my dear friend..!!

facebook birthday wishes

Here is a delicious chocolate cake for my sweet little friend, of course you can’t eat it but then take in the feelings behind it babe..happy birthday!!

Heyaaaa..wishing you a very happy and exciting birthday!! May god bless you with a lot of girlfriends and a lot of booze…lol..enjoy the day man!!

Hey there, I wish you a very colorful and over the top birthday!! May you get a lot of presents and enjoy to your heart’s content…god bless you!!

Having a friend like you has been the biggest joy of my life. I wish I was with you right you and could celebrate your birthday.. well nonetheless happy birthday friend…lots of love..take care

Hey…happy birthday…now I have wished you, I want my party…and you better make it fast you get it eh? Hehe…enjoy dear…have a blast!!

Youtube is red, facebook is blue, I am so lucky to have a friend like you!!! Happy birthday my dearest friend…god bless you!!!

Hey pal…wishing you a very happy and zappy birthday!! Even though m not there with you right now but remember that my party is due ok? Now go and have fun man, it’s your day.

Ho ho ho!! It may not be Christmas but its santa here with a special birthday greeting for you sweetheart…happy birthday!! Enjoy the day santa style…

A very special and love filled birthday greeting to my dear friend. You’re the only one whose birthday I can remember without a facebook reminder…

Hey I just logged in to say that you’re my sweet sexy friend and I wish you a very happy and sweet birthday filled with joy and excitement…have a lot of fun today and may god bless you.

Hey mate, it’s your day today and I am so excited that I am the first one to wish you a very happy and fulfilling birthday to you!! Have a blast today man..

Hey pal, it’s been so long that you’ve put up a new pic here…well today’s your birthday and now is the chance, so get some pics clicked and let us all see how you look a year older…happy birthday!!

Hey there, wishing you a super duper rapper zapper and super fantastic birthday!!! May god bless you with good health and a bit of good brain lol just kidding…have a blast dude..enjoy and be safe.

Birthday is the only day when your wall gets flooded with messages from those who you never talk to the entire year….happy birthday mate..!!

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