Crazy Birthday Wishes

Crazy Birthday Wishes Collection

ARE YOU READY!!!!!!! Oh yeah!! It’s your birthday again and we are gonna make it wild, crazy and awweesssooommmeeee… be ready for an adrenalin rush my friend…I’m coming to get you!!

Let’s bring the booze lay loose eat a goose and go to a cruzeee…why? Well because it’s your birthday you idiot…happy birthday!!

Let all hell break loose, let the Armageddon begin and let the whole world know that today is your birthday!! Happy birthday my crazy friend!!

Here is a ferrari as a gift for you on your birthday my dear….. hehehe you serious? Do I look crazy to you that I’ll give you that? Hah…you’re one crazy man…happy birthday dude…let’s enjoy

Yo yo ya ya ha ha la la….what? you confused? Well I was just wishing you a very happy birthday in crazilian…:P

Tonight at the stroke of midnight we both are going to jump of a plane with parachutes and land on the earth as the clock strikes twelve…you know why? Because we are crazy my friend…happy birthday in advance…

Hey buddy today it is your day, so let’s hit the gas and bulldoze the entire town so that they know that the craziest of them all is here…happy birthday!!

A day will come when you will finally become mature, so let us enjoy while you’re still so much crazy!! Happy birthday my friend.

Every year you celebrate your birthday with your friends and family…so this year I came up with the idea of cutting your cake in a graveyard…so that even the dead ones aren’t left out..:P happy birthday!!

Put on your dancing shoes and be ready to sail the cruise because this is the path that we choose to make your day special as the Christmas goose…Happy birthday!!

Today is world crazy day, you know why? Because it is your birthday you idiot…They say crazy is as crazy does so let’s get crazy and burn the whole town!!!

Today is one day when you can get crazy and do the weirdest of the things and still get away with it…why not use this opportunity? Happy birthday my crazy buddy!!

People may say that you’ve grown up so you should stop being so crazy and childish but remember my friend… we are still too young to pay heed to what people say..have a great birthday!!

Being 1 year older doesn’t mean that you have to be smarter.. It just means that you can be just crazier and create even more havoc than you did last time…happy birthday!

Birthday’s give us an opportunity to let go of the monotony of life and become kids again…don’t let this opportunity go a kid…happy birthday my dear..!

Being old may suck but there is this one thing which is great about a birthday…you get to become the same crazy bitch that you were before and enjoy it the same damn way…happy birthday my friend!

God bless you with luck and happiness and your party gets going with fun and finesse…as you celebrate the day you were born we will get crazy from the night till the morn…!! Happy birthday

Your birthday is something that I cherish from my heart as it is one day when I get to be insane and that too for free….happy birthday!!

Birthday comes just once a year so let’s bang our heads and shake our legs and do it in the craziest of ways….happy birthday my friend..

Being crazy is not about doing stupid things and get laughed at, it’s about being yourself and not caring about what the entire world thinks…so today I wish you be crazy and enjoy your day..happy birthday!!