Free casino games you can play online right now

If there's one thing we love almost as much as real money casino games, it's free casino games!
Offering all the excitement and thrills of gambling without any risk or financial commitment, free casino games are a great way to sharpen your skills, learn new games, extend your banking options, and have some fun at the same time.

In this feature piece we'll take a closer look at how you can play casino games for free online, what types of free casino games are available and why you should consider stretching your online casino budget with some complimentary gameplay.

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How do online casino free games work?

Just as land-based casinos offer "fun money" to patrons who wish to try out their slot machines and other games without betting real cash, online and mobile casinos provide virtual play or "demo" modes that allow players to enjoy most of their favorite games absolutely free.

Demo mode games are essentially the free casino games online version of a land-based "fun money" setup. They contain no actual casino games to win, but they give you a good idea of what the regular game is like - and whether or not you'd actually like to play it for real money.

Of course there are differences between playing casino games online for free versus in "real money" mode, so let's take a minute to go over a few of the more obvious variations:

  • In demo mode most players will notice that the action moves slightly slower than in a real money game. This is because demo mode versions of casino games are essentially on "simulated time," meaning they move along at a leisurely pace to better simulate real life.

  • While free casino games online do give players a taste of what the real thing is like, there are some key differences - such as the sound effects and musical scores, which are often omitted from demo mode software to conserve bandwidth.

  • Although free casino games are meant to be similar to their real money counterparts, they are in fact two different pieces of software. For this reason demo mode games may load a bit faster and run more smoothly than real money variants - especially over a slow connection.

  • Another big difference between playing for free and playing for real money is the starting balance. In a real money game you begin each session with the bankroll you've allocated to that game, while demo mode sees you start out with a pre-set balance of free chips - usually between $500 and $5,000. 

    However - as you'll read below - claiming some free casino games online no download bonus offers can put real money player's at a significant advantage, giving them extra wagers and enhanced chances to win.

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Where to Find Online Casinos That Offer Free Play

Finding an online casino that allows players to sample the goods for nothing isn't all that difficult. Indeed, a quick Google search for "free casino games online no download" should return dozens of relevant hits - but as always with Internet searches, not all results are created equal.

Instead of wasting time on inferior sites or shady operators, our experts recommend using the links and reviews found herein to find a safe and reputable online or mobile casino. Once you've signed up - or even before, if the casino offers demo play to guest users - you'll find numerous free casino games at your fingertips.

Why Casinos Offer Free Games

If you're already familiar with the ways in which online and mobile casinos partner with prize draw sites to offer free spins and other bonuses to new players, then you probably have a good guess as to why casino game free play is offered to all players.

That's right: another main reason online and mobile casinos offer free casino games is to sign up new customers.

Demo mode plays on various slots, table games and other casino favorites lets potential clients see just how much fun these games can be - and perhaps entice them into becoming full-fledged, depositing players down the line.

However, as we detail in the next section, offering free online casino games gives benefits to existing players as well.

Why Players Should Claim Casino Game Free Play

As any veteran gambler can tell you, online and mobile casinos aren't exactly rolling out the freebies just for the heck of it. Though attractive welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions are certainly nice perks, the best reasons to play at an online casino are usually the ongoing player rewards that can be had.

Free spins, reload bonuses, insurance rebates and other such offers are designed specifically to keep existing online casino customers happy and coming back for more, and smart players know to take advantage of such opportunities whenever possible.

This is where casino game free play comes in, as many modern webcasinos feature free spin offers, second chance draws and other bonuses that can be claimed on popular slots and other high-action games.

Though these offers do limit players to certain games and bet amounts - commonly referred to as "game specific" or "stake specific" in bonus terms - there's really no argument that a bit of free casino game action is better than none at all.

Best of all, these casino free game offers usually count toward a site's rollover requirements, meaning players can use their own deposited funds along with the free spins or bonus credits to clear their bonuses that much faster. 

We talk more about this in our detailed page on , but the gist of it is this: by spreading their deposits - and their bonus funds - out over a series of regular spins and credit-based wagers, smart players can get much more play out of their banking budgets.

Free spins and credit offers also present a great opportunity for players to learn the ins and outs of a specific game before risking any of their own funds on that game. Slots are particularly good subjects for this type of practice, as these games feature vastly different play styles and feature sets from one title to the next.

Learning the nuances of a particular slot machine before risking hard-earned cash on it is a good way to avoid wasting money on games you may not enjoy, and thus help keep your gambling career profitable and enjoyable over the long haul.

Types of Free Casino Games

Now that we know why casino game free play is offered by online and mobile gaming sites, let’s take a moment to review which types of casino games you can generally expect to find in free and real money formats.

Free Slot Machines Online

By far the most popular games for both free casino game play and real money action are online slot machines.

Offering simple rules, easy gameplay and the chance to win large sums of cash with relatively small bets, slot machines are a natural fit for both new players and experienced gamblers alike. Best of all, the free online slot machines you play for free will generally be the exact same ones you'd play for real money, meaning your knowledge and skillsets translate across the board.

Slots tournaments are also very popular among online casino patrons, and since these competitions often feature free entry these can be a great way to test your metal without spending a dime.

Free Table Games

Though online and mobile slots may be the most popular games at most webcasinos, table games still hold a special place in many gamblers' hearts - and these classic casino creations are almost always available in free play format.

From blackjack and craps to roulette and baccarat, the top online and mobile casinos offer free table game action in a variety of styles and formats. These free casino games are generally quite similar to their real money cousins, though you may find different table limits, betting protocols and interface designs in the demo modes.

One nice benefit to free table game play concerns practice for specific tournament formats.

For example, many casinos offer low-cost multiple-table tournaments for Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hi-Lo poker, and playing freely in the multi-player table game lobby is a great way to acclimatize yourself to the tournament interface and actions before risking real money in a competitive event.

Free Live Dealer Games

If you've never enjoyed the rare delight that is live dealer table games, allow us to summarize: this unique gaming hybrid places a player at a live table populated by a real human dealer while putting that player in a virtual seat alongside other remote participants.

All betting, card deals and payouts are handled in real time by the human croupier, making for an experience that is both realistic and unique. Many of the top online and mobile casinos offer free play versions of their live dealer tables, allowing patrons to explore this unique genre of casino game free play at no cost.

Of course, you won't be able to experience all the thrills and chills of live dealer table games until you've chosen a great place to play them. We highly recommend starting with .

(Note that not all gaming sites offer free live dealer play, and those that do may restrict free game access to new players only.)

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Free Casino Games Apps / Sites

Everything has its pros and cons, and that includes playing casino games free online. Below, we've listed the advantages and disadvantages so that you're aware of what to expect.


  • It's free: Duuh. The main advantage of free online casino games is you don't have to spend money to play them. This makes it ideal for trying out a game before you play it for real money. It's also perfect for when you have some spare time and a fun pastime is needed.
  • No software download required: Most free casino games online no download are web-based, which means you don't have to use up precious memory space on your device to enjoy them. Instead, you play them directly in your Web browser.
  • Can be played on your phone: Similar to the point above, playing casino games free online requires no bulky software programs that might bog down your mobile device. This makes it easy to pull out your smartphone or tablet and enjoy some fun casino games wherever you happen to be. Read more about mobile casino games and apps.
  • Relaxed experience: When you're not concerned about losing money, it's easier to sit back and enjoy the game itself rather than focusing solely on winning. This more relaxed atmosphere lets you appreciate the game's features and intricacies that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.


  • Limited freedom: Free casino games typically come with stricter rules than their real money brethren. This can include smaller betting ranges, limited features (such as the number of free spins in a slot) or set playing times (common in free slot spins offers).
  • Limited selection of games: Even the biggest online casinos tend to offer free play only on select games or in demo modes that allow you to play any game you want for a set period of time (three to five minutes is common). This is great for getting a feel for a game, but not so hot if you were hoping to while away the hours on a favorite slot or table game.
  • Time limited: Related to the point above, many online and mobile casino free play sessions are limited to three to five minutes per play - or even overall session balances. This means you'll have to start over once your demo balance runs out or the allotted time expires. Needless to say, this gets old fast.

Are Free Online Casino Games Trually Random?

Yes. Just like their real money counterparts, free online casino games are driven by random number generators (RNGs), complex algorithms that produce truly random results devoid of any patterns or sequences.

The importance of true randomness cannot be overstated, as it ensures that every spin of a roulette wheel, deal of the cards or fall of the slot reels is entirely random and unaffected by outside influences. Without true randomness online and mobile casinos would quickly lose their entire customer bases to disillusionment and distrust.

Best Sites with Free Casino Games Instant Play

Though finding free casino game apps and sites that allow real money players to use bonus credits and offers on the games of their choice is preferable, it's not always easy to locate these gems in the rough. Luckily, our experts have done the heavy lifting for you with the following list of recommended websites featuring casino game free play:

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Free Slot Machines Online

Though all the online and mobile casinos referenced in the previous section offer plenty of free slots action, the following sites are widely regarded as the best places to find an abundance of free slot spins online:

Though these sites are undoubtedly the cream of the crop when it comes to free spins slots offers, many other online and mobile casinos feature similar promos on a semi-regular basis. We suggest reading the promos section of any site's website before signing up, as this is where ongoing deposit bonuses are generally detailed.

Free Mobile Casino App Games

Today, most online casinos feature mobile-friendly websites or dedicated app downloads, so finding free casino games for Android, iOS, Blackberry and other popular mobile operating systems isn't all that tough. Still, some sites are better than others when it comes to mobile play, and we've listed a couple of the best in the table below:

Of course, these aren't the only sites offering casino game free play for mobile devices. As mobile technology continues to advance and online and mobile casinos work to fill the demand for quality iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone gambling solutions, we can likely expect to see even more free casino apps hitting the marketplace.

Free High Limit Slots

High stakes slots aficionados looking for free high limit slots online are in luck, as several top online casinos currently offer free play on some of Vegas-style's highest betting slot machines.

Though specific titles and offer details may vary from site to site, the following casinos all currently feature free spins on high betting slots:

As with all other free casino games online, these offers are generally only available to first-time depositors - though occasional promotions may make these high limit free slot spins online offers available to all players.

When it comes to the specific slot machines involved, popular free high limit slots online choices include Melon Madness, Rive Gauche, Halloween Fortune, White King and Sam on the Beach. Of course, exact titles may vary depending on the casino in question and other offer particulars.

Top 3 Free Casino Games Online

With thousands of titles to choose from, singling out the top three free online slot machines is a bit like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. Still, someone's gotta do it - so we bravely stepped forward to highlight three of the best free slots available online and via mobile devices today.

  • Icy Wonders

    A beautifully rendered winterscape featuring a pleasing assortment of snowmen, penguins, arctic foxes and other frozen friends, NetEnt’s Icy Wonders is a 5-reel, 30-payline video slot which also happens to be one of the top free slots online today. Special symbols include a shifting Wild symbol which moves one step horizontally with each spin, increasing the chances of catching it and substituting for other icons to make winning combinations. There’s also a Snowflake symbol which adds a flurry of four additional Wilds to reels 2,3 and 4. The main attraction with Icy Wonders, however, is its randomly triggered progressive jackpot system which can award one of three growing jackpots at the end of any regular spin - even during free spins rounds or slot spins offers.
  • Piggy Dimonds

    A 5-reel, 40-payline slot from PlaySOE, Piggy Digons features a cast of adorable piggies going about their daily business in a surreal, Alice in Wonderland-type setting. Special symbols include a Portal Meat symbol which acts as an expanding Wild, and a Time Twister Bonus icon which triggers up to 15 free spins when three appear anywhere on the screen. All free spins wins are tripled, and the bonus round can be re-triggered during its own play.
  • Fruit Warp

    A trip back to the earliest days of slot machine history meets avant-garde artistic expression in Yggdrasil Gaming’s Fruit Warp. At first glance this appears to be a standard three-row, five-reel fruit slot with 40 fixed paylines, but stick around longer and you’ll soon discover a game unlike any other. Winning combinations in this odd fruit salad trigger a "Warp" feature which sends those symbols buzzing up into the heavies and replacing them with falls in a seemingly endless circle of life, death and fruity destruction. Land three, four or five Bonus icons to win 7, 10 or 15 free spins, respectively, and watch the action really heat up.
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Free Casino Games for Fun

Though finding casino free game opportunities is easy these days - just hop on Google and search away - locating the best free casino games for fun and enjoyment takes a little more effort.

Luckily, we've been reviewing online and mobile gambling sites for members for more than a decade, and have compiled the following list of top picks for free online slots and table games:

  • All British Casino

    A trusted favorite among European players, All British Casino invites all comers to partake of their house - provided you're a Brit or with to play there. A no-nonsense site that focuses on the important stuff like slots, table games and fast payouts, All British Casino is a proud recipient of our Casino Recommended seal.

  • Karamba

    If you're looking for a cheerful, brightly colored online casino that looks like it was decorated by a hyperactive Tangerine Tetrakozen, look no further than Karamba. With hundreds of slots from a variety of software suppliers - including many exclusive games you won't find anywhere else - Karamba is a veritable smorgasbord of free casino games online.

  • Mr. Green

    One of the earlier entrants in the online gambling world, Mr. Green has spent some time finding his sea legs - and he doing quite well for himself these days. Featuring a sleek, modern appearance and a broad array of popular slots and classic table games, this Malta-based operation is licensed in no less than four European jurisdictions: Malta, Curacao, Italy and the United Kingdom.

  • Ladbrokes Casino

    Though primarily known for their brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and casinos throughout Britain, the folks at Ladbrokes have also been running an excellent online gambling operation for the better part of two decades. Their free online slots selection is particularly impressive, with many of Network’s best titles sitting comfortably beside proprietary games you can’t find anywhere else.

  • BetVictor

    Formerly known as Victor Chandler until the prominent UK bookmaker decided to drop his last name back in 2014, BetVictor has been pleasing players of all descriptions for years with their massive online and mobile gaming site. Boasting hundreds of slots from many of the industry's best software developers, this first-class casino is home to many notable exclusives you can't play anywhere else.

Best No Deposit Bonus Sites in the UK - Top Free Spins Offers 2023

Though there are literally hundreds of online and mobile casinos to choose from these days, these five represent the best of the best when it comes to free online casino games no download required.

Of course, this could change tomorrow, so we strongly advise checking out our detailed online and mobile casino review library to find the best sites for free casino games online based on your personal preferences and gaming goals.

Free Casino Games No Download Required

Though the advent of HTML5 web design has made downloadable casino software applications largely obsolete these days, there still exist a number of quality web-based free casino games that don't require any software installations.

These no download, no worries games can be played directly inside your Web browser on nearly any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, allowing maximum flexibility without sacrificing game selection or enjoyment.

Examples of top-flight free casino games no download required include the five sites listed in the table above, but again we stress the importance of researching all your options before joining any online or mobile gambling establishment.

Free Spins Slot Offers

As mentioned earlier in this article, online casinos frequently offer free spins on select slots as a means of attracting new players to their sites.

Generally speaking, these offers involve a fixed number of spins on a specific slot at a predetermined bet amount, though the winnings resulting from these free spins are usually credited to the player's deposit account as bonus money.

Before accepting any offer of free spins slots, it's important to read through the issuing casino's promo terms and conditions to fully understand rollover or wagering requirements, expiration dates for the bonus and its clearing ratio. For a more detailed overview, check out our guide on online slot bonuses.

Even with all this info at your disposal, the safest route is usually the best route: Sign on at one or more of our recommended online and mobile casinos, where proven track records of fairness and player satisfaction go a long way toward alleviating concerns regarding bonuses and other promotional offers.

Free Casino Games Apps for iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone users have long been served well by the , with access to a wide range of free casino game apps and sites right at their fingertips.

While the specific titles may change over time, Apple iDevice owners can generally count on finding free high limit slots online and other casino free game opportunities at the top iOS-compatible gambling sites.

Free Casino Games Online No Install

Thanks to advances in web design language known as HTML5, today's top online casinos can offer fully-featured gaming suites right in your Web browser - no software installation necessary.

National Casino Bonus Spins with No Wagering Requirements – PokerListings

Examples of top-rated free casino games online no install are plentiful, including several of the sites listed above in our recommended casinos sections.

Some players still prefer to use casino software downloads to access all a site's games, but for the majority this is simply an anachronistic holdover from the early days of online gambling. Today's Web browsers - regardless of whether they are running on desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices - have more than enough horsepower to deliver smooth, lag-free casino game action straight to your screen.

Free No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Many of the best free casino game apps and sites online today are actually no deposit bonus offers from quality online and mobile casinos.

These lucrative promotions generally take the form of free spins on select slots, though sometimes players are given a set credit amount with which to play any game they choose. Regardless of the presentation, though, these no deposit bonus offers all carry the logo of one of the respected online casinos.

A word of caution, though: While there are certainly legitimate free casino games online no deposit required offered by trustworthy sites, there are also a number of too-good-to-be-true offers which lead to shady, fly-by-night operations. We suggest always using proven sources for your online and mobile gaming needs, such as the recommendations found in this article and throughout

Free Casino Games to Play with Friends

Designed for players seeking a more interactive online gaming experience, a few select online and mobile casinos now offer free casino games to play with friends in social competition settings.

Basically private tournament areas where invited participants compete against one another in various slots and table games, this social gambling aspect allows players to engage in friendly competition while utilizing all their casino game free play credits instead of wasting them on losing bets.

Not all casinos offer this social gaming feature, and even among those that do the details can vary widely. Some may impose participation fees which go into a separate jackpot pool, for instance, while others may have restrictions on how often you can enter events or other caveats.

The best way to learn more about social casino competitions is to visit the websites of specific online and mobile casinos and read their tournament pages carefully.

Free Casino Games at Home

There's a time and a place for everything, and while we love casino games both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments, there's something to be said for kicking back at home in your jammies with nothing more pressing than another spin of the wheel or pull of the handle.

Most of the top online and mobile casinos offer free slots and table games which can be played via your home computer or laptop, letting you enjoy all the thrills and chills of casino gambling without fighting traffic, hunting parking spaces or tipping bartenders.

Add in the convenience factor of being able to deposit and withdraw funds from your own PC or Mac, and it's hard to imagine anyone preferring the flesh-and-brick casino experience over the many advantages of free casino games at home.

Free Casino Games Online with Friends

Getting your game on at home is one thing, but adding some friendly competition with your buddies elevates the experience to another plane altogether.

Fortunately, a few of the better online and mobile casinos now offer free casino games online with friends via private tournament areas. Here, you and your chosen companions can duke it out for prizes and glory while sticking close to home hearth.

The details of these social casino competitions can vary greatly between individual gaming sites, so we encourage you to check each operator's tournament pages carefully for information on buy-ins, participant limits, event schedules and other crucial facts.

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Free Casino Games to Play with Friends Online

Though the concept is still in its infancy, we see the free casino games to play with friends online trend continuing to grow as the public becomes increasingly accustomed to the idea of social casino competition.

Only at the online and mobile casino sites, that is. While it's certainly possible to write your own casino game software from scratch, properly licensing branded slot and table game titles from major suppliers like NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming is essential to drawing in the largest possible player base.

Lucky for us, several of the top online and mobile casino brands are waste deep in the social gaming waters, so we should start seeing familiar slot and table game titles appearing in private tournament areas before too long.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy the current offerings from within the safety and security of these established online gaming sites. Check out the table below for a couple of our top picks.

Free Casino Games Online No Download

The future of online and mobile casino gaming lies in the domain of HTML5, the latest evolutionary step in the coding language used to build Web pages.

Whereas older "retro" browsers rely on plug-ins like Adobe Flash or Shockwave to display animated graphics and multimedia content, HTML5 does it all - and more - within the bounds of a normal Web page. That means no more free casino games online no download required labels for you hip cats who only run the newest, shiniest browsers on your desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones and tablets.

The benefits of HTML5 are many, ranging from significantly reduced file sizes and faster loading times to cross-platform compatibility and a wider scope of animations and interactivity. It also allows for true "instant play" online casinos with no download required for any games, though many HTML5 sites still offer download clients for those who prefer that method of play.

The writing is on the wall for online casino software downloads, and we can expect to see less and less of these apps as HTML5 continues to grow in popularity and acceptance among players and suppliers alike.

Free Casino Games at Golden Nugget

One of the most recognizable names in Las Vegas gambling lore, the Golden Nugget brand has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years under the guidance of owner Tropicana Entertainment.

In addition to spiffing up the old man in the nugget outfit, the good people at TEG have brought their property into the 21st Century with state-of-the-art slot clubs, loyalty apps, and a fully-featured online casino in partnership with gaming software giant

The latter, aptly titled, offers a full complement of free casino games at Golden Nugget both for visitors who just want to sample the merchandise and for registered players who have linked their accounts to the property's slot club loyalty card.

Among the many features found at are lucrative iRPs (online slot club points earned separately from physical slot play) plus all the usual bonuses, free spins slot offers, and other free casino game online enticements.

Free Casino Games Online No Card Deposit

Perhaps the most popular form of no deposit casino bonuses online today, free casino games online no card deposit offers allow players to forego traditional Visa and MasterCard deposits in favor of PrePaid Card options like paysafecard and Ukash - or even electronic checks and wire transfers.

While the specifics of each online or mobile casino's bonus offers are best obtained from their individual websites, it's a fairly safe bet that free casino games online no card deposit provisions will continue to grow in popularity as banking methods evolve to meet the changing needs of internet gamblers worldwide.

Free Casino Games Online No Money

Who says you have to risk money to have fun playing free casino game apps online?

Thanks to lucrative rollover contributions from bonus clearing on free slots online and other wise use of astute banking practices, many online and mobile casino patrons are able to enjoy all the game action they desire without ever risking a single dollar of their own funds.

Of course, this sort of bankroll management takes planning, discipline and a thorough understanding of the fine print contained within each site's bonus terms and conditions. We can't teach you genius-level math skills or force you to exercise self-control, but we can certainly point you towards the best free casino games online no money required websites and leave the rest up to you.

Free Casino Games Online No Download Required

See: Free Casino Games Online No Install

Free Casino Games Online No Deposit

See: Free Slot Spins Online

Free Casino Games Online No Credit Card

See: Free Casino Games Online No Card Deposit

Free Casino Games Online for Fun

Let's face it: We all like to have fun.

Sure, the possibility of walking away with a big stack of green chips at the end of a successful casino session is definitely appealing, but it's the pure joy of watching that stack grow inch by incremental inch that keeps us coming back for more.

Whether its free casino games online for fun from home or the thrill of big money slots and table games in the middle of the Strip, there's a casino gaming option to suit every mood and budget.

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Heck, we've even been known to fire up an old Vegas slot simulation game on the old Nintendo for a little nostalgia-laced slot fun without any risk of parting with our hard-earned dinars.

So grab some rainbow-colored fish food, slip on your bunny slippers, and head for the casino. Life's a banana split, so grab a spoon and enjoy the show.

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