Birthday Wishes Ideas

Birthday Wishes Ideas Collection

Whether your dreams are big or small, may this year fulfill them all.

You deserve a truly happy day and we will all help you having it. Happy birthday!

May this year be the best of your life, until the next one. Happy birthday!

A lot of things get better and better year by year you are one of them.

Many people have your age, but no one is as magnificent as you are.

Every single year perfection is a step closer to you.

Wishing you only the best for you and your family.

May your birthday be as special as you are.

On your birthday, may every glowing candle be a wish that will turn to reality.

All the wishes of the world for you to have the greatest birthday ever!

Dont count the years, count the wishes and all the cheers.

Age is just a number.

Make your birthday count just like you do.

May your birthday be as incredible as you are!

Another year is added, but also another opportunity for success and growth.

Just like good old wine, you grow better with the years.

You are not getting older, youre just becoming wiser.

Birthday is all about cake, candles, presents, friends, parties. What more could somebody ask for his birthday?

Have your friend’s birthday a week early, and then act all annoyed that you forgot when it really was and cancel the whole thing. Pretend to forget the actual day of their birthday and later on totally surprise your friend with a totally wild surprise birthday party.

Plan a surprise party and act like you and everyone else has forgotten all about it. Make sure that you get all your friends in on it, make sure everyone close to your friend who they expect to be wished from, even on Facebook or anywhere forget to do so, hire a sky writing company to write happy birthday on top of their house, plan for an awesome fireworks show in their backyard. When they totally don’t expect it and are depressed that you are not going to come over and there’s no party. Get everyone organized, head on over, have the skywriter write happy birthday, release the fireworks, rush in with the whole surprise party in tow and yell happy birthday at the top of your voice.

Have another friend call your friend on the day of your birthday to tell them that you have died in a horrible car accident.(Don’t worry you won’t really be dead) Plan your own funeral (of course it’s fake) , make sure it’s a closed casket ceremony, lie in your casket with the birthday cake, (make sure no lit candles at this point or it might turn into a real funeral) Keep a cell phone in your pocket, have your friends let you know when the birthday boy / girl is in front of you by texting you, ( keep your cell on silent ) Pop out of your casket, have everyone yell happy birthday (make sure you have paramedics standing by so that your friend does not die from a heart attack)

Happy birthday and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today come true.

For this idea you need to know what your friend loves beyond all else in the world and the stuff they really hate. Otherwise it won’t be as awesome. Plan a surprise party ( plan 2 separate parties the flip and the actual awesome party ) ; let someone leak it to your friend make sure the first party is a bust; make sure nobody shows up, the food is atrocious, and the power goes out or anything you can do to make them disappointed. Tell them you wanna make it up to them, and let’s go somewhere else, tell them this time it’s going to be completely secret, blindfold them take them to the new party give them the best party they ever had.

Plan for a commando style birthday, make sure you plan a trip with a lot of people on the day of your friend’s birthday to an amusement park tell your friend it’s your treat (don’t worry you won’t actually get there…) Make sure you pick them up and drive up together, get a flat or engine trouble (pretend to break down) Plan the breakdown in advance to a place you have prearranged with your other friends, Spend a lot of time trying to fix it, and pretend to give up, (pre arrange this with your friends ) have them call to say they can’t make it, and make it look as it you two are stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Have your friends who are hidden closely start shooting off fireworks are a prearranged signal. Take your friend to investigate, have a surprise picnic birthday party.

You will need to get a lot of people involved in this one, and make sure that your friend is not the kind of nut that’s planned for the zombie apocalypse and keeps a stock of weapons in their shed for just such an eventuality. Meet the neighbors and get them in on it, gather friends and have everyone go all zombie, full facepaint artificial blood and everything, Plan a full scale zombie invasion and surround your friend and at the end scream happy birthday. (warning : high chance to get shot if there are any zombie apocalypse prepared nuts in the neighbourhood – not extremely recommended without proper planning) Best way to get this idea off the ground would be on a picnic style birthday party in a remote location.

May your birthday be as awesome as you are.

Happy birthday to someone that age has been so kind with him.

A wise man said, it not the destination that counts, its the journey. Happy birthday!

You will need to be exceptionally quiet for this one to work, need to get your friend’s parents on board or their roommate. Make sure you get decorations that are easy to put up and don’t take time, and make sure not to make any noise at all, or be prepared to pick up your friend and move them to a new room. The main gist of the idea is that you make sure they wake up to a surprise birthday party in their room. Get in, set everything up, get everyone in the room, and together yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wake your friend up, make sure you don’t get punched.

Go to all the places that you usually go to with your friends and meet all those people that you usually hang out with and have them give 2 minute video testimonials on your cell phone wishing your friend happy birthday try to find local celebrities and ask them to wish your friend happy birthday as well as going to random people you don’t know and asking them to do the same. Make a whole hour’s worth of people wishing your friend.

Find a small suitcase; fill it with pictures, and stuff you have shared with your friend over the time you have known them, anything from memory, things you bought when you went on a trip with them as well as anything that makes you think of them.Go to a remote location, bury the suitcase, make sure it’s airtight and the contents don’t get damaged, Make a treasure map, give the map to your friend on their birthday, and bring a shovel. Take your friend for an adventure; spend the day digging up the suitcase, when you pull it out, tell them you’ve found the priceless treasure, open it and revel in the joy of all those memories and say happy birthday – thanks for being born and coming into my life.

Every year is another experience that brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Every obstacle just another level that grows the range of your score. Happy birthday!

May all the wishes of the world be the least of what you get.

Wishing you a happy, joyful and prosperous birthday.

Give your friend a card with the picture of the galaxy on the front, inside write in bold letters, if you can count the number of stars in the picture on this card, it’s the number of times I’ve thanked God for bringing you into my life. Happy Birthday.

Wish your friend in a unique way this birthday. Organize a party in a farmhouse away from the town. Take him/her to a long drive the night before his birthday, but do not let him realize that you remember his birthday and act as if the car has failed just near the farmhouse. Take him to the farmhouse and surprise him with a party splash!

This is for those who want to wish someone living far away. Order some flowers online with a sweet message and call him/her at around the same time that you expect the flowers to be delivered (probably a couple of minutes before that). Wait for the doorbell to ring on the other side and as soon as he receives the flowers, wish him birthday with a bang!

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