Birthday Wishes For Twins

Birthday wishes for twins Collection

On this day, God gifted us with two beautiful angels. Both of you have filled our life with numerous moments of happiness. Happy birthday angels!

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Life has been all the more blissful after the two of you came in our life. Happy birthday to the cutest twins ever!

Two to play, two to cry, two to laugh and two to make us happy. Both of you are a gift to us. Happy birthday!

It might always be difficult for me to differentiate just by watching you, but I can never mistake in differentiating the gifts for you. Happy birthday!

God has always given me more than I deserved. When I asked for one child to fill my life with happiness, He gifted me with two. Happy birthday!

Being parents to twin babies, you get the pleasure to love and be with two awesome individuals all the time. Happy birthday to my loving kids.

Double is the fun with you two, but also double is the trouble you two create together!! Happy birthday to the naughtiest twins!

The bond between both of you is impeccable, and on this birthday, I wish that this bond stays like this forever. Happy birthday!

It’s great that you two share everything you have (literally!). Today when you share your birthday, I wish that the love between you remains the same. Happy birthday!

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Our life changes when we got two beautiful angels in our life. On your birthday, I wish that happiness and joy stays with both of you all through the life. Happy birthday!

I wish that the love and care you two have for each other never gets diluted. Have a blast on this birthday. Happy birthday!

May double success be yours forever just like you two keep making us giggle with your double fun. Happy birthday!

Some people say that twins mean double trouble, but you two have proved that twins also mean double the fun. Happy birthday!

Double the gifts, double the friends, double the fun, and a common girlfriend. May you get all this on your birthday. Happy birthday. Have fun!

We have organized a blasting party so that our twins can have double the fun and enjoyment. Happy birthday!

There can be no better day than your birthday to tell you both that you are our most precious possession. Happy birthday to our cute twins!

We are thankful to God for giving us so lovely twins who have made our life bliss. We wish that you get all that you deserve in your life. Happy birthday!

Sometimes I think I must have done a lot of good and that is why God gave me you two as my children. Happy birthday to the best twins!

I wish success, achievements, joy and happiness to be all yours. May you two grow together and show the world that you are the best twins. Happy birthday!

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