Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

Birthday wishes for someone special Collection

Happy birthday, my dear. Words alone cannot express the joy I feel every time I see you smile. May your birthday hails the arrival of a year full of joy and happiness.

Happy birthday to the sweetest person on earth. Your presence has made this world a better place and given new hues and joys in life.

May your birthday ring with laughter and the year ahead be soaked with happiness. May each and every day of your life is as sweet as you are. Happy birthday. each and every day of your life is as sweet as you are. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday sweetheart. Words cannot describe the joy you bring in our lives. We wish and hope that the happiness you give to others comes back many folds to you on the occasion of your birthday.

Happy birthday, my dear. I am sure you must be one of God’s beloved angels. For a person like you can be called nothing less.

Happy birthday sweetheart. You rule our hearts with your charming smile and rule our minds with your never ending kindness. We wish you always stay the same and happiness always traces your steps.

It must have rained the day you came to earth. For I am sure God must have cried on sending such a beloved person away from him. Happy birthday.

Life is unpredictable and treacherous, but I know that whatever may happen, you are the one I want beside me throughout the way. Happy birthday.

I pray that you live a hundred years and I get to share all those years with you. For I would never want to be parted from you. Happy birthday, baby.

You are the best and therefore you have got the best of everything there is (that includes me). Hope your year proves as rewarding and you never lack a thing. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my dear. Your birthday is a special event because you are so special to me. Hope you have a great day and enjoy it to your fullest.

Many people would remember you today on your birthday but, I assure you that none of them would think of you with as much love as I hold for you. Happy birthday!!

You have made my life happy and special in so many ways that I promise you today that I will make your day and life special in every possible way. Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday dear. May you achieve all your dreams and never back down from any struggle in life. May god bless you.

I guess I never told you so but, you are the most special blessing that I ever received and I hope that you always stay in my life. Happy birthday dear!!

Birthdays are special because they give you an opportunity to introspect as to how far you have come and hpw much farther you have to go yet. Happy birthday.

You are one of the kindest souls that I have ever met and your ever giving nature and beautiful soul makes you all the more special. Happy birthday.

Your friendship is very special and dear to me for you are not only caring and funny but completely crazy, just like me. Happy birthday, my soulmate.

Happy birthday sweetheart. You are amazing just the way you are. I pray that you never change and always keep intact your amazing self

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