Birthday Wishes For Children

Birthday wishes for children Collection

Guess I have to ask you for a bigger treat as you turned into a teenager.

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Getting handsome as the year goes by, guess next year we will see a superstar.

Best phase of your life is ahead of you. Make the most use of it.

You have turned from a cute baby to a gorgeous young girl. Birthday wishes.

From a bubbly baby, you have transformed into a charming young boy. Happy birthday.

The charming characteristic of yours will make you a popular girl with one and all. Birthday wishes.

Beautiful would be an understatement to describe you today. Happy birthday my dear princess.

All the stars have lighted up the sky, so that your birthday is very beautiful as you.

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Wherever you are, the happiness just spreads around. Happy birthday to the girl who makes everyone smile.

Rain or sun, I would not miss the birthday of my little prince. Enjoy it to the maximum.

Sweetness personified. You are the most sugar coated kid I have come across in my entire life. Be the same in your entire life. All the best for the year ahead. Happy birthday dear.

A smile from yours goes a long way into making my day a very special one. Keep smiling and enjoy your life to the fullest. Many more happy returns of the day. Enjoy it to the maximum.

Growing up is so fast. I realized this when I see you today. It’s like yesterday I held you in my hands as a toddler. Happy birthday to the most cheerful kid I have met in my life.

I have no idea what profession you are going to take in the future. But I know one thing for sure that you will excel in it and make your parents proud of you. Happy birthday little one.

It your day buddy. No homework, No scolding from parents, No restrictions on cake limit. Enjoy it to the core; you will get the chance again next year only. Happy birthday to smartest kid.

Can’t believe you are actually ten years of age. In to double figures now and nearing teen age. Enjoy these birthdays, as they are the most memorable ones. Happy birthday to my rock star.

Good to see you are growing up so quickly. I need a partner to enjoy with. I know that you will not disappoint me. So I am waiting for few more years and we will rock the world.

My usual present for you would be a doll with which you play with. But I guess you are old enough, so I have bought you a beautiful dress. Happy birthday to my little princess.

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Dream big and achieve big. You are very smart and are capable of reaching great heights in life. Happy birthday to the boy I consider is the most smartest person in the world today.

You shine as bright as the sun, your heart is as big as the ocean, your smile is as clear as the sky, and your enthusiasm is like a flowing river. Happy birthday to the most poetic friendly kid.

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