Biblical Birthday Wishes

Biblical birthday wishes Collection

From birth the Lord almighty has taken care of you, given you life and every happiness. Today on your birthday, let’s praise the Lord and pray to him for another fabulous year ahead. Happy birthday.

The great Lord knit you together in your mother’s womb and breathed life in your flesh and bones and for that I am ever grateful to him or I would have missed knowing a great person like you. Happy birthday dear.

Happy birthday, my dear. Today let us hail the name of the almighty, for His breath gave life to all beings including you.

Every time I look at you, I know that God truly created man in the image of himself, for you are just fabulous and great. Happy birthday, my dear.

It is said, man is the favorite creation of God for he toiled six days and nights to give him all the pleasures of earth. And I am sure you are a favorite from this favorite race. Happy birthday.

I pray that even when you grow old and your hair takes on the gray shade, you don’t cease to make us and God proud of the day he sent you on earth. Happy birthday.

People like you can make an Eden even on the darkest of places for your goodness can light up and give a heavenly glow to anyway. Happy birthday.

The three wise men visit you every year on this day and I am sure that this time too they won’t be disappointed and keep coming back to witness and bless the best person on the earth. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my dear. Your goodness and ever kind heart gives one a glimpse of heaven. Hope you keep spreading warmth wherever you go.

I am sure the day you were born, the holy angel himself came down to bless you and left in you some of its greatest and best qualities. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my dear. May the holy angel always watches over you and guides your every step, every day, so that you never fail.

Your sanity and ever giving nature has shepherded many people on the path of salvation. We are so blessed that god choose to send you amongst us all those years back.

Since the day you were born the high Lord has never left once stopped watching you. He has given you everything that is required to have a prosperous life. On your birthday let’s extend our thanks to Him.

I thank god on my knees that He gave life to you. For if he hadn’t breathed life and soul in you, I would have missed knowing a friend like you. Happy birthday!!

Your angelic smile can brighten up the darkest of days while your ever loving nature can lighten up the dreariest of lives. Hope you never loose your better self, have a happy birthday.

Happy birthday my dear. Let us make the first offering in the name of Lord and raise our glasses to hail Him, the lord, the Shepard, the savior of us all, who made life worth celebrating.

I am sure you must resemble the first man (before the fall) in every aspect, for a person like you deserve nothing less than Eden. Happy birthday!!

Everyone says that God built man in the image of himself. I think what they say is true for every doubt regarding it is put to rest when I look at you. Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to my dear. Just between you and me……are you an angel of God? For your ever forgiving nature, holy ways and loving attitude seems to say that.

I pray that wherever you are and wherever you go in life, you never stop giving us a reason to thank God for your success and never stop giving God reasons to smile with your dedication. Happy birthday!!

People like you are very rare. For you can not only brighten others lives and days but make a paradise wherever you step. Happy birthday!!

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