Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated birthday wishes Collection

You know that I wasn’t the best student in history class, right?

Don’t hate me because I forgot your birthday. Hate me, because I’m a genius.

belated birthday wishes

I always forget your birthday and it’s not my memory that makes me to, it’s the plastic surgeon of yours.

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you look younger and younger every year.

Sorry I missed your birthday, I had a lot in mind. Did I mention how beautiful you are today?

You know that I wasn’t the best student in history class, right?

Happy belated birthday! You now have the right to forget mine.

Sorry for missing your birthday, but it’s been a week since I last visited facebook.

I was thinking of you yesterday, but I couldn’t remember what for. Now I do!

Sorry for forgetting the happening of the year… your birthday.

I thought that people like you don’t grow older, but just get wiser. Happy belated birthday!

My best wishes even if they are belated.

I hope the best even a bit late.

There came a day, when I was away and it was a joyous, happy day i forgot to say, what I wanted to say i’m sorry I missed your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday.

Hey I met you ten years ago and we’ve been friends since so I just missed your birthday so don’t kill me maybe Happy Belated Birthday.

You birthday is here, and now it’s gone. Oh deary me i think I missed it. Here’s your cake. And here’s your gift. Here’s your card… Take it.Let me go catch your birthday meanwhile happy belated birthday… see you later.

What’s in a wish I dare to ask! what’s in a sweet and tasty cake? what’s in a gift made from the heart if all of it is given too late. I know I have been unjust to you but know that my wishes and intents are true. So let’s make this day, an awesome day. Let’s make this your best Belated Birthday.

I forgot to wish you a happy birthday But let me make it up to you. Remember the sun is still shining On a morning full of hope so new. The dew is sparkling on dancing leaves, the wind is dancing in the eaves let’s take a walk just you and me just listen to my apology Here take my gift and my wish to you and one more thing I’d like to say. Happy Belated Birthday.

Cakes and treats, such happy sweets what a waste the day is gone here’s my gift my wish to you may you find joy in every day? in a million thousand ways i regret the day i missed but what is done cannot be changed. From me to you these words i say i know i’m late still Happy Birthday.

I hope all your dreams come true even afterwards.

Do you really think? for a silly second that your birthday is on the day you say your birthday is when we both get together make some memories and eat some cake i know you know i’m making this up. I’m sorry I was late but I said all that coz I wanted to say. Happy Belated Birthday

Since I missed your happy day, i made a wish and sent your way look to the stars or the wind you’ll see my wishes three, speeding your way. First to wish you the best of health the second to wish you beauty and grace the third to make me always remember whenever it is your special day. Happy Belated Birthday.

The frosting on that special cake the one you had made for your special day i know you had saved a slice for me and i am sorry i couldn’t be there for you on your happy day which is why i want to say you are the dearest of my friends remember that always and don’t you fret i’ll make it up to you someday that’s a promise you wait and see but for now i’m sorry that i am late Happy Belated birthday from me.

I don’t really believe in time, time is a relative thing, life is all just a random sequence of events why label a moment that has no meaning or consequence. Does it matter if I give you your gift and cake at a certain moment or time; here you go, since this gift existed at the time of your birthday, but was not in your possession, let’s assume it could have been in both situations at that moment. Much like Schrödinger’s cat. Happy Birthday, both belated and otherwise.

I missed your special day and all that I wanted to say i know I missed your cake and sweets forgot to give you a bag of treats i had a gift so awesomely planned but what can I do, I was horribly late still I have one thing to say it’s not all to waste. Let’s have your party now, all we need is you and me and a cake and gift will make it three. So please forgive me and let’s have some fun someday let’s plan your Happy Belated Birthday.

You know me, I’m always late. Happy belated birthday!

Sorry for missing your birthday, but I didn’t know that people like you grow older.

I may have forgotten your birthday, but I didn’t forget who you are for me.

I’m really sorry I forgot to mark your birthday on my calendar, I honestly thought it was today, and if you don’t believe that excuse, I’m going to take back my gift. I knew you’d see it my way… happy belated birthday.

I got lost when I was coming to your home that day on your birthday, I took a wrong turn and I flew through a black hole and got transported to today… in relative terms I’m still on time… but its okay if you don’t believe me.Here’s your gift and card… happy birthday…

I don’t know why you are so mad at me i don’t know why you can’t really see when you have so many birthdays it becomes hard for me. So it’s simple, the thing is I forgot you see. But i’m here now. And so can we have a party and be happy. Happy Belated Birthday.

I never really expected that i would ever forget when your birthday would be, but you have to admit you can’t really blame me, you have so many birthdays year after year, you can’t really expect me to remember them all , ain’t nobody got time for that. Tell you what Y U No celebrates your birthday with me tomorrow. You make the cake and I’ll bring the gifts we can haz cheeseburger together Happy Belated birthday.

It’s not the day that you are born that’s beautiful, it’s not the moment, nor the second, nobody ever asks you to cut the cake at the exact same moment you were born, it’s about remembering the day you were born , and being happy of the fact that you are, and sharing in that happiness with those people who are happy to be in your
presence.I was not there when you cut the cake last week, but I am here now to tell you, I’m honored to have known you, and glad that you were born, Happy Belated Birthday.

I may have forgotten your birthday, but at least I brought you a gift.

I thought that party people like you celebrate at least a whole week. That’s why I called you today.Kittens and puppies were crying today do you know why? they were sad because i was sad I missed eating cake, and giving you your present and I know you are terribly mad. So i sent you this present and made dinner plans for us today just to say that i missed you Happy Belated Birthday.

I want you that you mean the most to me, time does not matter for me, and it should not matter to you, time is just a number and a date, our friendship transcends time, i’m sorry I missed coming to your birthday but I promise I will make it up to you like I always do. Happy Belated Birthday.

So the thing was, when I was coming to your house, a plane fell out of the sky, then these giant robot walkers came out of nowhere and started blowing people into dust, then these bridges started exploding and debris was flying everywhere, i’ve been on the run for the last week, I just came back into the state, i had to give you this gift and this card. Happy Belated Birthday. P.S I know you know that i know that i just quoted the plot of war of the worlds, please don’t kill me. Enjoy your gift.

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