Bday Wishes

Bday wishes Collection

Universal bday wishes that can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time –

Happy Bday wishes hoping that this year turns out to be the best so far

bday wishes

On your bday, are you getting older? Noooooo….you are getting wiser with each passing year

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and hoping that your smile continues to radiate happiness for all eternity

Hoping these bday wishes fill your life with endless joy and cheer

On your birthday, have a wonderful time and make your day memorable

Happy birthday and here’s hoping that the happiness spills over to the years ahead

In my bday wishes for you, I wish all your dreams come true

Wish you a happy, hearty and healthy bday

I just called to wish you a happy birthday and happiness always

It’s your birthday, so smile the widest and make the most of this special day

On your birthday, make a wish which is as beautiful, joyful and radiant as you

Time and tide may wait for no-one, except when they are a part of my bday wishes for you

If life is a highway, birthdays are the most beautiful and memorable spots, so wishing you have as many of these along your journey

Like a wave that gushes to meet the shore, hope your bday is as happy, high and bouncy

Extending heartiest bday wishes to a friend who has successful lived 365 days to enjoy this special occasion

Bday wishes coming your way hoping that all your dreams come true

Have an awesome birthday with everything dear to you and adding to the cheer

Sending incredible bday wishes for the most incredible person and friend

On your birthday, hoping that things get better with each passing yes, most of all your bday celebrations

Life is beautiful and birthday is the most beautiful aspect of life. So on this beautiful day, let down your hair and let go of yourself!!

On your birthday, I have a simple wish for you – Happy Birthday – because the simplest things in life are often the best

Celebrating your birthday is a blessing for me and through my bday wishes I would like to convey how grateful I am for you to be a part of my life

Happy Birthday and hope that you stay forever young no matter how many candles grace your cake

Yesterday is past and tomorrow is a mystery but today is your birthday, so make it count and have a great time

Smile on your birthday because it requires only seven muscles and is radiant enough to light up everyone’s day

On your birthday I pray to God that you are blessed with the best of everything including the choicest bday wishes

Happy Birthday – thank you for being you because it is the best deal that I could have ever asked for

If people were like wine, you would be one that would taste better with every passing birthday – Happy Birthday

On your birthday, do not count the years since age is nothing more than a number – remember the step-by-step calculation called life that has gone into it

Bday wishes for you imploring you to celebrate by recounting the journey rather than concentrating only on the destination

Have a blast on your birthday and celebrate on the fact that life has given you yet another opportunity to excel

Live life king-size on your birthday for it is a day that comes only once a year

Bday wishes for a person who has always made life beautiful for others – hope you enjoy good health, happiness and prosperity

How about going crazy on this birthday of yours? After all, one day you are bound to mature, so go wild while it lasts – Happy Birthday

Have a wonderful birthday by banging your head, shaking more than a leg and going totally insane

For a stunning person, birthday celebrations should be equally stunning with candles, balloons and plenty of goodies – and of course lots of happy bday wishes

Among all the things that we have shared, birthdays are undoubtedly the best and looking forward to another party this year when once again I would wish you Happy Birthday

There are good days, bad days, Sundays and Mondays, but the best among all is your birthday

To fight against age is like fighting against life – so why not just let your hair down and party throughout your birthday? And also cherish the bday wishes

If wisdom comes with increasing age, then my birthday wish for you would be not to get wise at all and enjoy hundreds of birthdays in your lifetime

Despite all the quarrels, fights, misunderstandings and arguments, on your birthday I would like you to know that I cherish our relationship more than anything else and so would like to shower you with heaps of bday wishes

I extend my warm and heartiest bday wishes to you and hope that you are blessed with success in the years to come

Small moments is what life is made of and hope your birthday is full of these tidbits that render the occasion memorable for many years to come

Hope you enjoy your birthday with a smile on your face and blessings from heavens above cascading on you like a waterfall

May every second, every minute and every hour of your birthday be filled with goodness, cheer and memories that are more valuable than all the wealth in the world

No matter how many birthdays you celebrate my bday wishes for you will remain the same – have a blast and paint the town red

Time and tide wait for no-one but I hope they stand still on your birthday so that the special feeling lasts for all eternity

Special birthday greetings for you wishing that you turn into premium wine that improves with age

But for your birthday fairy I had almost missed wishing you a Happy Birthday – hope you receive countless bday wishes in addition to mine

Its your birthday so put on your dancing shoes and prepare for a celebration full of joy, cheer, happiness and prosperity