39th Birthday Wishes

39th birthday wishes Collection

Thirty nine years are not enough to celebrate and savor your company. I hope we get to celebrate many more years together. Happy birthday dear.

You are now only an year short of entering in your forties and being counted amongst the old people. Happy birthday old buddy.

Being thirty nine years old doesn’t seem to have any effect on you. You are still as crazy and sexy as you ever were. Happy birthday.

Now you have finally entered the age of grey hair and wrinkled face. Finally you have moved paat being thirty eight. Happy thirty ninth birthday.

See what I have brought you today on your thirty ninth birthday. A pack of hair colors. Isn’t that incredibly sweet of me ? Happy birthday.

I have noticed something strange about you. That more you grow older in number, the more you grow younger in mind and soul. Happy birthday.

Oh my thirty nine already! I don’t believe it. It seems like time has really flown in your case. Happy birthday my love.

You still seem so young. Once I turn thirty nine too, I would definitely come up to you for tips. Happy birthday my young ‘old’ fellow.

Age hasn’t spoiled you a bit. Have you got Bilbo’s ring on you. For i swear it seems exactly that way. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my dear old fellow. You look too young for your age. Hard to believe you turn thirty nine today. Happy birthday dear

If age had any effect on intelligence then you would be so intelligent by now. Man you have really gotten old. Happy thirty ninth birthday.

Thirty nine and young. That is how you should introduce yourself now. For really you have preserved yourself well. Happy birthday.

Happy thirty ninth birthday to the most amazing and sweetest person on earth. Have a blast and party hard.

Take my suggestion and don’t put candles on your cake this year for thirty nine is too big a number for the poor cake to bear. Happy birthday.

You have now reached the age when you can not blow the candle in one breathe. Happy thirty ninth birthday.

Wow you have now officially gained thirty nine years of experience. But I wonder how much you have learned actually. Happy birthday.

Thirty nine years means you have yet to wait for eleven more years to celebrate the half century of life and be called truly old. Happy birthday.

I hope you through a grand party today and I really hope that no one reminds you of your real age. Happy birthday.

Time and tide wait for none. But it seems time has really waited for you. You still look so young and blooming. Have a great birthday. Happy thirty ninth birthday.

Good friends never let their friend forget his age. And that is why i have gift wrapped this mirror for you, so that you can count your white hair every day. Happy birthday.

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