37th Birthday Wishes

37th birthday wishes Collection

This is a day which has been 37 years in the making, so let us celebrate this day in style…!! Happy birthday my dear..

I still remember the first time I held you in my arms 37 years ago….so today I would just say that may god bless you my child…happy birthday!!

Hey buddy…I got a special gift for you on your 37th birthday..it is called ‘secrets of staying young’… hahaha I guess you need it now…happy birthday!!

When I asked the shopkeeper to show me something to gift to my friend who is turning 37…he smiled and handed me an anti aging kit…:P happy birthday my oldie goldie!!

I would like to give my heartiest wishes and pray to god that you be blessed with every good thing in this world…happy 37th birthday my dear friend..

Since we still fight the same way we used to when we were young…it was hard for me to believe that you’re turning 37 today…many many happy returns of the day brother!!

It seems like it was yesterday when I held you in my arms…and today I see you holding my grandson…I can’t believe how fast time flies…happy 37th birthday my little girl..

People may say that you’ve grown old…but old is as old does so keep that in mind and stay young forever..happy 37th birthday my friend!!

Being 38 years old may not be a very encouraging thing…for you’ve started aging and lost your youth..but I would say that all you need to do is to stay young at heart and celebrate this birthday as if it’s your 21st!! happy birthday!!

The key to remaining young is to believe that you’re still young…I am telling this to you because it’s time for you to know this little secret!! Hehehe… happy 37th birthday mate.

I feel so proud when I see all that you’ve achieved in the 37 years of your life..today I would just pray that you keep up the spirit and reach new heights!! Happy birthday son!!

Happy birthday to my amazingly beautiful and sweet angel… you may turn 37 today but for me you’re as young as ever… 🙂

Birthday is that special day which allows you to meet all your close friends and family together and enjoy… on the occasion of your 37th birthday I would just say that may you enjoy the reunion to its fullest..

A 37th birthday is special because: firstly it never comes again and secondly it makes you realize that you’re growing old so you should probably party hard while you still can!! Happy birthday!!

When it comes to parties….you’re the wildest beast I have seen so don’t let the fact that you’ve turned 37 ruin this night…let’s go out there and party all night!! Happy birthday!!

I wish that you always remain as young and as fresh as you’re now and that we stay together till eternity!!! Happy 37th birthday my sweet wife!!

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day!!! May your 37th birthday be the one which stands out from the rest of the birthdays and may god bless you with good luck and health!!

I regret for not being able to be present on this very special day of yours… I wish you a very fun filled and fantastic 37th birthday and hope that you have the best birthday bash ever!!

Let’s get drunk tonight and forget that you’re turning 37 because I know that getting old must be so hard for you!! Happy birthday my friend!!

Turning 37 must be so hard for you….so here is an anti wrinkle cream which will help you ease the pain a little…hahahah…happy birthday old man!!

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