36th Birthday Wishes

36th birthday wishes Collection

What is 6*6? Well it is clearly 36 and that is how many years old you turn today…so please accept now that you’ve grown old… happy birthday by the way!!

Happy 36th birthday to the most wonderful wife in this entire world…my life would not have been as beautiful without you.. love you and god bless!!

36…lol…my little brother has grown so old…hahaha…now I think I should get you some hair color so that you can conceal those grey hair that might crop up!! Happy birthday bro!!

Since childhood I have always looked up to you for all the positives and a few negatives 😛 hehehehe… happy 36th birthday my big brother…!!

Oh gosh…my friend you’ve officially crossed the phase of youth and entered the pre old phase!!! Happy 36th birthday to you!!

Getting old day by day must be so tough…here I got some anti aging stuff as a birthday present for you…:P happy 36th birthday to you!!

The fact that you’ve turned 36 today should not stop us from celebrating your birthday in a freakin awesome old school way!!! Happy birthday my buddy!!

Here is a mirror for you in which you can see the most beautiful and amazing 36 year old girl in this universe!!! Happy birthday sweetheart.. muah

Ever since I got you, my life has been like a fairy tale with you being the princess….happy 36th birthday to you and I hope we get to celebrate many birthdays together!!

I wish that you have a hot, sexy, classy and fantastically awesome 36th birthday and nobody makes you realize that you’ve grown old!! Happy birthday!!

Oh so you’ve turned 36 eh…well now is the time to accept the fact that you’re old and your parties are going to be boring and old like you!! Hahahaha happy birthday

Turning 36 doesn’t mean anything much…it just means that you’re just a year older and a year crazier than you were before…so let’s celebrate your craziness in style!! Happy birthday

Happy 36th birthday to my dear son… I wish that you achieve everything that you’ve always wanted to and may god guide you on your path to success..

Hey mate, wishing you a fantabulous and freaking awesome 36th birthday!! Don’t be sad that you’ve grown old…enjoy the fact that it’s your birthday!!

I can still see the image of a small baby sucking on his fingers…feeling so amazed to see that you’ve turned 36..seriously time flies!! Happy birthday my son!!

My friend, I would like to say that you’re special to me in every possible way and I pray to God so that he blesses you with all the goodness and prosperity!! Happy 36th birthday!!

Oh my oh my…my sweet little girl has turned 36!! I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast…happy birthday my angel..stay blessed always..

There is nothing to be happy about being 36…but the fact that we get to celebrate it together is enough to counter all the sadness!! Happy birthday my best friend!!

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