33rd Birthday Wishes

33rd birthday wishes Collection

I pray to god that your 33rd birthday is better than the previous 32 birthdays and the gifts you get today are the best that you’ve ever received….happy birthday my dear..

It is high time that you realize that you’ve started growing old….so here is my message telling you that you’re turning 33 and you should probably start behaving mature now…:P happy birthday oldie..

Here is a special 33rd birthday wish reminding you that it is indeed your 33rd birthday….yes my friend you’re officially old now..:P happy birthday!!

I extend my gratitude and wish that you achieve all the success in your life… Many happy returns of the day and may you utilize your future like you have utilized the 33 years…

Eeeeyyyeeaaahhhhhh!!!!! M so ecstatic right now…!!! Oh I just love your birthday!! Lets go out and party hard…happy 33rd birthday my mate..

33? Oh gosh you sound older than a vintage car….by the way happy birthday to you my friend… may god bless you..

Hey mate…wishing you a crazy, fun filled and fully exotic 33rd birthday!!! Party while you can as old age is gonna hit you soon… 😛

Happy birthday to the most beautiful, sexy and kind hearted 33 year old angel in this entire world…god bless you and love you loads..

Stop celebrating your birthday and focus more on your kid’s birthdays you idiot…you’re old now!! Happy birthday by the way..

Dear sir, wishing you a very happy and fruitful 33rd birthday..may god bless you with all the goodness and keep you healthy always…take care.

The fact that you’ve turned 33 should tell you that you’re growing old and this should stop you from having these stupid parties….happy birthday by the way!!

Let’s go out there and have a crazy evening….full of fun and goodness…why? Well because it is your 33rd birthday and it is a once in a lifetime event..!! Happy birthday my dear.

We may not talk to a person quite often, but birthdays give us the chance to let them know our true feelings for them…on your 33rd birthday I would just like to say that you’re special to me and please stay that way…happy birthday!!

Happy 33rd birthday to the craziest little bitch in this entire universe!! Let’s burn the town and show them who the boss is!!

Happy 33rd birthday to the most annoying little bastard that has stepped into this world….you know you’re a moron but I still love you a lot bro!!

My dear friend… I wish that god gives you the best in the world and makes all your wishes come true… Happy 33rd birthday!

I thought you were joking when you said you’re turning 33 as people get wiser with age…but then I saw your face and I knew the truth…happy birthday old man!!

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