32nd Birthday Wishes

32nd Birthday Wishes Collection

I hope you’re enjoying your transformation from a young guy to an old man…Happy 32nd birthday my friend, god bless you!!

Turning 32 must feel so awful…let us go to a club and party so that you can forget this woe…hehehe…happy birthday my friend.

Thirties is considered to be the time when you realize that it is time to grow up and become responsible…so I wish that you handle your life well and have a wonderful 32nd birthday..:)

I hope that you have the best, awesomest, craziest, loveliest 32nd birthday in this world…happy birthday my dear friend….

Wishing you a very happy 32nd birthday and I hope that you become more mature and handle all your responsibilities in a better way…god bless you and take care..

A birthday is that one day in the entire year when you get the most preferential treatment…I hope that of all the 32 that you’ve had..this birthday turns out to be your best ever…happy 32nd birthday my dear..

Happy 32nd birthday to the person who is the apple of my eye and a true sweetheart….the years spent with you have been the best and I hope that we stay together till u turn 132.. 🙂

Do you know that 32 is the new sexy? Well now it is as you’ve turned 32… happy birthday sexy…god bless you with all the happiness and health

I checked your birth certificate and got to know that you are turning 32 today…really..you’re an epitome of eternal youth…:P happy birthday by the way!!

A famous personality was born on this day 32 years ago….oh how I wish that person was you.. but nonetheless..happy birthday my friend..!!

I was not able to find a gift for you and then I realized that you’ve turned 32…so I bought you an anti wrinkle cream..I bet you’d need it now!! Happy birthday sweetie..

How I wish that your birthday was a monthly affair…because I just love the free food and the fun!!! Happy 32nd birthday my dear friend.. I wish you have many more…

I wish that god blesses you with all the good things in life and keeps you fit and fine… A very happy and wonderful 32nd birthday to you sir.

It has been 32 years since you’ve started spreading happiness….and my only wish is that this ritual continues for at least a century to come..happy birthday baby

When I compare your achievements to your age…32 seems like a toddlers age…keep achieving and keep rocking my friend..happy birthday!!

You’re the most wonderful person known to me…and today on your 32nd birthday I would just say that take care of your pimples and you’ll stay wonderful forever..hahaha..happy birthday!!

I just got to know you are turning 32…. Oh god you’re younger than what I thought…. Well good for you!! Happy birthday my old friend…keep your aging in check!!

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