31st Birthday Wishes

31st birthday wishes Collection

Today let us celebrate your official entry into the old people’s club…. Yes my friend, you’ve turned 31!! Happy birthday and May god bless you.

Oh gosh!! You’ve turned 31 and you still look like a teenager… please share your secret of eternal youth my friend…and by the way..happy 31st birthday to you

People always say that wisdom comes with age, that is why it was so hard for me to believe that you have turned 31… hehehehe…happy birthday my friend..

Your presence in my life has brought me countless happy memories and today on your 31st birthday I would just like to say that I want you in my life forever…Happy birthday sweetheart..

The fact that you have turned 31 should not mean that your birthday party is boring and dull….happy birthday my friend and lets party like we are still 20…

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Today I would just like to wish you the best as you step into a new phase of your life…may god guide you through this phase and you attain all the good things..happy 31st birthday my friend.

Dear sir, the fact that you have achieved so much in just 31 years seems impossible and yet so amazing…I would like to extend my heartiest wishes on your birthday and I pray to god that you achieve a lot more in the years to come.

A man is not old because of his age, he is old if his heart turns old.. So let us overlook the fact that you’ve turned 31 and party tonight like we have never done before.. happy birthday mate..

31 years ago, on this very day, god sent an angel on earth for taking care of me…and today on her special day I would just like to say that I cherish every moment spent with her and wish to be with her always..happy birthday

Today on your special day I wish to tell you that you are very special to me and that every moment spent with you has been special. So special birthday wish for you… Happy 31st Birthday my special friend.

Birthday’s are those special days when you get lots of presents and a special treatment…so no matter that you’ve turned 31…you’ll still be treated as a prince today..happy birthday friend..

Turning 31 may have a little impact on your morale…but not to worry..let’s set the city on fire and show everyone that age can’t stop us from being wild…happy birthday mate

I wish you all the success and good luck in life… Happy 31st birthday my friend and may god bless you..

Let us go out and enjoy the essence of you being old…hahaha…happy 31st birthday my old friend, may god bless you.

We should party as hard as we can tonight…you know why? Because you turn 31 only once bitch…happy birthday!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe when I heard that you’ve turned 31…but then I realized that you’ve been the same little brat since your childhood..haha…happy birthday sweetie..

I love your birthday because I get the best (free) party of my year…so continue celebrating your birthday as you do..happy 31st birthday my mate..

I have heard people say that a person’s looks are affected after they reach 30…but by looking at you I can say that they’re absolutely…..right!! haha..happy 31st birthday oldie..

Hey buddy…I heard you turn 31 today…oh gosh I can’t believe that you’ve grown so much…all I would say is..happy birthday my sweetest buddy..have a great 31st birthday!

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