29th Birthday Wishes

29th birthday wishes Collection

You are the sweetest and most generous person on earth, but only till your party is over. After that you remain my stupid, crazy, friend. Happy 29th birthday mate.

My only wish is that on this birthday you get everything you want and more. And you grow into an even sweeter person. Happy birthday.

Isn’t it true that wisdom comes with age? Oh my friend you are still so young, even after all these years. Have an amazing 29th birthday. Happy birthday.

This year, let us celebrate your birthday in a special way. For you are yet to be as old as you would be next year. Happy 29th birthday youngling.

You are so dear to me that I would give you a special advice today. Smile broadly while you still got all your teeth. Have a smiling 29th birthday.

May your birthday be full of laughter, gifts and fun. And may the rest of the day of the year be a replica of your birthday. Happy 29th birthday.

You have no idea how special you are to me. I only wish you could see, that for me you are a cheeky little 29 year old brat. Happy birthday, my soulmate.

Oh gosh, you’ve turned 29… seems like yesterday I saw you graduating from your high school.. How time flies eh? By the way…Happy birthday

Turning 29 doesn’t mean that you’ve grown too old to party hard…so I suggest that we burn the entire town tonight and show them who the boss is…happy birthday bestie..

Do you know why you should celebrate today? It is because its your 29th birthday and you turn 29 only once. So get up and lets get the party started…happy birthday my friend.

You know I have booked the best restaurant with the best wine and ordered the best food to celebrate your birthday…don’t be so happy though, cuz you’re the one who is paying the bills…lol…happy 29th birthday my pal.

I thought of giving you the best gift in this world for your 29th birthday but then I realized that you already have me…so gift’s cancelled buddy…by the way..happy birthday!!

Just a year to go and you’ll turn 30…so let us celebrate the last official year of your youth with style…happy 29th birthday my friend.

Turning 29 is supposed to make you feel so old eh…so let’s go down to a bar and celebrate like we are only 20…happy birthday my evergreen friend…

Wishing you many happy returns of the day and hoping that the coming year brings you all the success and joy in life…happy 29th birthday.

Happy birthday to the most charming, beautiful and sexy 29 year old lady in this entire universe….may your beauty increase in the years to come..

This is the one day in the entire year when I am so very happy….its certainly not because it is your birthday..it is because you give me such a grand party…happy 29th birthday!!

Happy 29th birthday to the most amazing and astounding person in the entire world.. I wish that you are blessed with all the goodness in life… 🙂

Is it true? Are you really 29? Oh god…I though you were just 20…happy birthday my young old friend…

Your birthday is the day that I look up to each year as this is the day when I get the best treat and I don’t have to pay a penny for it hehehehe….happy 29th birthday my sweet little friend…

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