25th Birthday Wishes

25th birthday wishes Collection

Congratulations. From now on you are officially old.

Wishing you a life full of happiness and success on your 25th Birthday. You truly deserve the best. Happy Birthday!

25th birthday wishes

Happy 25th Birthday and welcome to the first quarter of your life!

Celebrate as much as you can stand tonight, because you are 25 only once in a lifetime.

Wishing you a very warm welcome to your 25th. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Sorry for telling you that, but you are closer to your 30’s now more than ever.

Half way to 50, one quarter way to 100. Way to go!

Make your 25th Birthday count just like you do. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a happy, joyful and prosperous 25th Birthday!

May your 25th Birthday be as special as you are.

Happy 25th Birthday!

The final countdown to your 30’s has begun.

May you live a 100 years with the same fun and attitude as you do now. Happy Bday!

Hope for a really special 25th Birthday, just like you.

May you have all the fortune and strength to carry on in the other 3 quarters that are waiting for you. Happy Bday!

Being an old friend, I have seen everything that you done in the 25 years of your life. Man! What a life you have lived. Do you remember your 20th birthday? Ha Ha Ha… It is one to remember. I wish this, and all the coming birthdays in your life be equally remembered. Happy birthday buddy!

Oh yeahhhh babyyyy…it is your 25th birthday and you’re quarter of a century old…so let’s get the party started and burn down the whole damn cityyyy…happy birthdayy

Hey mate, let us toast to your 25th birthday and then drown in 25 liters of booze…haha…yes man I am crazy..and we are just getting started…happy birthday

Party all day, party all night…we will continue the party even when they turn out the lights….happy 25th birthday my dearest friend…

A very zappy, pappy, snappy and yappy 25th birthday to my crazy, bitchy and awesome friend…lets bring the whole city down tonight!!!

May I have your attention please? Thanks…I am just here to inform you that you have turned 25 and this means that we are going to have a hell of a party right here, right now!! Happy birthday!

The worst part about getting old is that you can’t demand for gifts anymore…happy 25th birthday my friend… 🙂

There is a saying that age brings wisdom, but I feel it is wrong as you are only gaining age and not wisdom…hahahaha…happy 25th birthday!!

While thinking of a gift for you, I realized that you are 25 and since you’re so grown up, I decided that the time to give you gifts is over..:P happy 25th birthday

May this birthday bring you all the happiness and joy that you have been yearning. Happy 25th birthday big boy. God bless you.

All these years you have held a special place in my heart and as you get older, the respect and love grow exponentially…happy 25th birthday dear. God bless you. The time spent with you has been the best time of my life and as you turn 25…I wish that you get everything that you want in your life… happy birthday love..:)

I wish that the 25th year of your life gives you all that you have wished for and hope that you will continue to be the same magnificent person that you are now.. happy birthday.

I would like to extend my heartiest wishes on the occasion of your 25th birthday. May god bless you with all the strength and happiness. Take care.

A toast to my friend who just turned 25…I wish that the next quarter of your life gives you all the material wealth and inner happiness…happy birthday!!

Birthdays are here to remind us of the good times we had and the numerous blessings which saw us through. Hope you havea memorable 25th birthday. Happy birthday!!

I looked everywhere to get the best gift in the world for you, but then I remembered how can I gift you to yourself…happy 25th birthday my love.

If I could wrap up happiness, then I would wrap a truckload and gift it to you. Happy 25th birthday my dearest friend and I hope that this day remains very special.

The wine is red, gin is blue…lets get drunk and have no clue…because today is the birthday of a person who is you..!! happy 25th birthday!!

On this day, all I want to say is that I wish the best for you and want you with me forever…happy 25th birthday my lovely sweetheart..

I heard you really are in support of wildlife. So why not do what you like and have a wild party on your birthday this time. Happy 25th birthday my dear friend

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