23rd Birthday Wishes

23rd birthday wishes Collection

I am so grateful to god that you were sent on earth. If not then, then I would have missed out on enjoying such grand birthday parties. Happy 23rd birthday and may you have many more like these…

May your eyes sparkle with happiness, and your smile drip with enthusiasm. May each day of yours be filled with love and joy. Happy 23rd birthday.

The 23rd chapter of your life begins today with your birthday. May it make an interesting read, full of letters of love, joy and kindness. Have an amazing birthday.

I close my eyes and pray that may there be peace on earth, but it shall prevail only after we have celebrated 23 years of your existence in style… Happy 23rd birthday my friend.

If I could then I would bring down a star and gift it to you so that it could guide your steps throughout the way. Congrats on being 23 🙂 Happy birthday.

I am not exaggerating when I say that you are the most beautiful, amazing, sexy and sweetest 23 year old person on earth (after me that is). Happy happy birthday dear.

Oh my God! You have successfully completed the 23rd trip around the sun. Lets jump and celebrate this special achievement. Happy 23rd birthday!!

I can not deny that the world has been a much weirder place since you have stepped into it. But, I completely love this weirdness. Happy 23rd birthday my dear.

If I sit down to write the things I love about you, it would be another birthday of yours gone before it would be complete. Happy 23rd birthday my sweetheart.

Make the best of your time and day, so that one day you look back and fondly remember the whole way. Have an amazing 23rd birthday.

May the 23rd year of your life bring you more close to your dreams and achievements. Have a great day and god bless you. Happy 23rd birthday.

I wish that the 23rd year of your life is the best so far and that with each passing year, it just gets better. Happy 23rd birthday my pal.

I thought of bringing candles along with your cake for your birthday and while buying them, I realized that you’ve turned 23!! Oh god you’re old now.. Happy 23rd birthday my oldie goldie… 🙂

I am so happy that you’ve turned 23…its just a matter of a few years and you’ll start getting old.. haha..happy birthday old man..

23? Woho…so you’ve finally grown up enough to be considered as mature, I hope you act like one…happy 23rd birthday mate.

My dear friend, wishing you a very happy and fulfilling 23rd birthday. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true and you have a truly prosperous year ahead.

A very happy and snappy birthday to my dear friend….Go out there and show them who the boss is….you only turn 23 once.. 🙂

Happy 23rd birthday my friend. Now that I have given my wishes, give me my party man.. haha…lets have a blast today!!

Time and tide wait for none..and it can be very well illustrated by the fact that you’ve grown so old so quick..happy 23rd birthday my dear friend..

They say that as you grow old, you become smarter….that is why it is hard for me to believe that you’ve grown 23.. haha…happy 23rd birthday my mate…

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