22nd Birthday Wishes

22nd birthday wishes Collection

Today is the day you must admit that you’ve grown old my buddy….a very happy 22nd birthday to you my pal…let’s enjoy your grown up status 🙂

22? Really? Going by your behavior I can’t believe that you’ve even crossed 10….haha…by the way happy birthday my dear friend..stay crazy..:)

I wish I was there with you to celebrate your birthday my dear friend…but nonetheless, I’ll pray to god that you get everything that you want…happy 22nd birthday my grown up boy..:)

A special 22 meter wide smile for my 22 year old friend…:) happy birthday my dear..have a blast today and stay blessed…

I hope that this year brings you all the good things and wonderful moments…Have a great birthday my friend…happy 22nd birthday 🙂 may you have 220 more to come 😛

Oh yeahhh!! You’re 22…so stop being a child and lets get some serious party started, my pal…happy 22nd birthday to you…:)

I wish that the 22nd year of your life gives you 22 girlfriends, 22 cars and 22 friends like me..:P…Happy birthday my friend..

Birthday comes only once in a year and brings with it a truckload of happiness. Enjoy the gifts and party hard. Hope you have a great 22nd birthday.

The sun also knows it is the birthday of a very special person. Therefore, it is shining brighter today, just to wish you happy 22nd birthday.

Don’t turn to look back at the past,face ahead. The 22 years of life have shown you a lot, let the future show you many more wonderful things…happy 22nd birthday my pal.

The number of years are not a reminder of the time you have lost. It is a medal of all the time you have truly lived your life and I am glad that you’ve completed 22. Happy 22nd birthday my friend.

I really wish your birthday would be as much fun as you are. Though it seems impossible for you have set such high standards. Happy 22nd birthday love..

Happy birthday to an amazing, beautiful, cute,sweet and of course; 22 year old person. Have a great day and may you live a long and happy life.

May your day be filled with non stop laughter and tears of joy. And hope all your wishes come true today. Happy 22nd birthday dear.

People look up expecting to see the angel in the sky. I look around to see the angel’s shinning face with your smile. Happy 22nd birthday, my angel

You have ran after happiness for 22 years, now let happiness follow you as you become the symbol of joy and optimism… happy 22nd birthday my friend..

I know I am repeating my words from last year. But, honestly just one more year and then you will surely be smart, sexy and wise. Happy 22nd birthday.

Let’s raise our glasses to the 22nd year of happiness, health and success. May next year we will raise an even bigger glass on your name. Happy birthday my friend.

Employ the teachings of all these years to good use and have an even greater year ahead. Hoping that your 22nd birthday turns out amazing, happy birthday!

Close your eyes, make a wish. This is a special day and celebrate it in a special way. Have a poppy, lovely and fun filled 22nd birthday.

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