20th Birthday Wishes

20th birthday wishes Collection

This day when you get out of the teens I pray “May the wings of peace rest upon the dwelling and may the voice of conscience preserve thee from all vice and misery” for all your life to come. “ Happy Birthday”

That you have been special to me so far is great, but may you be more special so from this day, may it be that you see the better things in life and others. “Happy birthday”.

Step out into the world and may your “free- will” do good for you. Time to be free and happy. “Happy Birthday”.

For twenty years you have been mine, from now on I’ll be yours and wish you all that is good from now on. “ Happy Birthday”

It may be twenty candles on your cake today, but from me it’s a million hugs one for each day to come. Blow the candles and take a hug for this day. “ Happy Birthday”

Fly away little bird, your wings have come. The world out there is free; let to be by His will. From now let your “free will” keep you well and all that you deem yours. “Happy Birthday”.

Now when you step out into life, may each day bring you luck to meet it head on, and may you sleep each night with joy of having done the day. “Happy Birthday”.

“ May the joy of living be with you all times from this day, when it is time to be free- free to live it with meaning. “ Happy Birthday”

May this day bring you joy and May you hence on be guided by the light of wisdom and May the fruits of work be aplenty through life. “ Happy Birthday”

May you from this day welcome the dawns and relish the nights all through a fruitful life. “ Happy Birthday”

Wish you health, wish you be wise, wish you wealth that knowledge can bring and May it be joy that they bring you each day now on. “ Happy Birthday”

Wish you a hundred Birthdays and may each one be happier than the last. “ Happy Birthday to the dearest and the most sweet person in our lives”

Wish that you live it nice for life is a onetime chance, live it well and may it be swell and live it clear for others to learn. “ Happy Birthday”

This day when twenty, may it be joyous and rich, and may you have a hundred more years of splendor and health. “ Happy Birthday”

May this day be special when the world opens out to you; and may all days of your life be special too. “ Happy Birthday”

May this day be special with the joys of life, may each day from now be guided by His light and may He be the Master in your life. “ Happy Birthday”

When this day I wish you good, I wish it not for this one day but for a million more to come. “ Happy Birthday”

Let joy be with you this day, may His hand guide you on with wisdom and may you mark your life with love. “ Happy Birthday”

Blow the candles twenty now, but light one each day to guide you through and let others light theirs from yours. May you be the best of guides. “Happy Birthday”

Twenty years you’ve played and learnt, twenty next you’ll work and learn, twenty then it’s time to show and learn what life is all about, twenty more to rest and learn. “Happy Birthday”

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