17th Birthday Wishes

17th birthday wishes Collection

May your life take a new turn on this 17th birthday and be a special one forever! Happy Birthday to the world’s most special person who has always made us smile!

Fill in your birthday cake with 17 bright candles, fill in your room with 17 colorful balloons, and fill in your heart with love for all! Happy Birthday to you!

Birthdays come and birthdays go each giving you one more year, but remember that now you are 17, a special age to remember forever. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the special person who has been always loving, caring and sharing. May your days ahead be filled with joy and lots of goodness of this world! Happy Birthday dear!

Remember the day when you blow 17 candles, the day which reminds you one year to 18. Make merry today, for the next year will bring you the status of an adult!

Happy Birthday to the lovely 17 year old, who has always tried to be the best. Remember that you are simply the best so party now and enjoy well! Happy Birthday dear!

Wishing you a birthday filled with lots of joy, lots of love, lots of gifts and lots of hugs! Let no one hurt you but love you most and bring you all the joys of the world!

Happy Birthday to the most gifted person, who has always loved and cared for others! Let joy and peace be showered upon you and may your life be filled with lots of lovely people who care for you!

Open your eyes its morning dear, wake up and see the reality. You are 17 no more 16; celebrate, for it’s your Birthday!

Be the one who is always loved, be the one who is always remembered, and be the one whose party is filled with all the lovely people in this world! Happy birthday!

Candies and Cakes, balloons and gifts, can make your birthday a real bash. Wishing you a lovely 17th birthday!

Birthday cakes, Birthday wishes, and colorful candles lined up ready What is your wish for the very day? No one know but only you! Keep your secret well on this day… your 17th birthday!

Yummy delights that always delight you will be found on your birthday, Never forget your loving ones who have made this day a wonderful one to remember! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

May all the blessings and joy of this world come upon you, May peace and prosperity be showered upon you on this 17th birthday! May you be the most blessed person in the whole world. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the one who is special for everyone. May showers of blessings fall upon you all through your life forever! Happy Birthday to the dearest of all!

Happy Birthday 17 year old! One more year to 18. Think of this day next year when you will become 18! All you get is freedom from childhood and step ahead with confidence in the world of grownups!

Happy Birthday to the dearest person in our lives. Be Happy and stay blessed! Stay blessed and not stressed! For you are the perfect person in our lives who always make smile!

With wonderful 16 years of your life kept aside as memories, make your 17th more special and enjoy every moment! Happy Birthday to the most special person in our life!

Happy Birthday to the special person who has always made us smile. Today is the day you need to celebrate, for today is our chance to make you smile! Happy 17!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday bash filled with loads of fun, joy and love, more kisses and hugs from loved ones, and not to forget the gifts from them!

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