simple birthday wishes


Simple Birthday Wishes

  A friend is a person who comprehends your past, hopes to be present in your future, and is happy for the way you are even if you are getting older by the day. Happy Birthday to a dear friend who has stood by me and will also stand by me at all phases of my life. With the Blowing of another candle in your life should mean that you have lived a year with happiness and you have made your surroundings a better place. Make every day of your life count. Enjoy the birthday to its maximum limit and have a great time ahead in the coming year. I Hope you are enjoying one of the best birthdays as yet. I wish that you get what you wish for and that you choose the ideal wish. Forget not that you only get one chance a year. Make the day a special one and a day to remember for the whole year ahead. One more birthday passes by my friend and you have not become a day older in everyone’s opinion despite the numerous birthdays that you have come across each surpassing year. Age does not come in between friends. Happy birthday to a friend who is as young as we first met.
  A good friend is one who listens to every memory of yours and shares theirs to you. A best friend one is who has lived those memories along with you and joke about the events later in life. Happy birthday to my best friend who made those memories an everlasting one. This is the perfect day for me to show that you are my best friend and will be there forever. You are so special to me and will be always one. Have a splendid birthday and a magnificent year forward. Wishing you a many more joyful returns of the day my friend. There are 364 days in a year when you might not get birthday presents and only one day for birthday presents, you know. So make the most use of the day in which you are considered special buddy as you would not see it for another year. Happy birthday Dude.

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