kids birthday wishes


Kids Birthday Wishes

  One year older means one year cooler. Happy Birthday my little rascal! Are you ready to blow them all? Hope you get all the toys your heart desires. Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you lots of hugs and kisses on your Birthday, my love.
  Happy Birthday to the smartest kid in all over the world! Happy Birthday to the most beautiful princess in the entire universe! Wishing you an unforgettable Birthday party! May all the blessing of the world follow you everywhere you go. Happy Birthday, my dear! May your life be a wonderful journey full of happiness and joy, my love. Happy Birthday! It’s about time we blow some candles, eat the whole cake and open a dozen Birthday gifts. It’s time to party. Happy birthday my little man! There is something you’ll never stop doing in all your life; growing up. Wishing you a very happy birthday! Hi my little sunshine! May you always be as bright and happy as you are today. Today is your special day, today is your Birthday. Happy Birthday my little prince!

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