boyfriend birthday wishes


Boyfriend Birthday Wishes

  Your birthday present is waiting for you in your bedroom... My love I wish you all the happiness, joy and laughter life holds, happy birthday i love you so. If you only wish I will even do that thing you always want, since this is your birthday. A 1000 words wont be enough to describe your wisdom, a 1000 words wont be able to express what I feel for you, happy birthday my love.
  Every where you look you wont find someone that loves you as much as me, so for your birthday i will give you the gift of a day free of me :) To my number 1 and my best friend that is always there. Happy birthday and a rocking year. Years passed and time only enhanced your manhoods, there is no one as strong and protective as you and when I think of you my heart feel safe in your arms. Wanted to show you how much i care, I thought of cooking you dinner, I thought of preparing you a party with all your best freinds, all that will happen but for now, happy birthday, i Love you. You are a very special man and today is your birthday so i thank god that made you so perfect, happy birthdays my love, kisses and hugs. My love, wish we will have many more years of sitting in the sun, and know i will always be yours.

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