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General Facts about Birthday
  Birthdays are special for everyone. We love to contribute in some way to your birthday celebrations. Here are some fun facts about birthday... More than fifteen million people share the same birthday as you! The most common birthday is 5th October. Did you notice that 5th October comes exactly nine months after New Year’s Eve? It seems people are very much excited on that day! The most common and the least common birthdays are Tuesday and Sunday respectively. Birthdays started to be officially noted in the 19th century. Birthday records before that were not very accurate and these records were not kept for the entire population. If you are in England, you will receive birthday cards by the Queen for your 100th and 105th birthday and then a card every following year! The normal beating rate of a human heart is 72 beats per minute. Counting by that rate, your beats about 42,075,900 times between two of your birthdays. Counting non-stop for 24 hours every day will make you 31,000 years old by the time you count up to one trillion. The invitations were written on wooden leaf fragments and are known as ‘Vindolanda Tablets’. They are still preserved by the British Museum. The most expensive birth certificate in the world is named to Paul McCartney. The Certificate was put on auction in March 1997 and it went under the hammer for a whopping $854,146! August is the month in which the maximum number of people celebrate their birthdays. Your heart is a great pumping machine. It pumps around 280 liters of blood every hour around your body. If we do the calculations again, it tells us that the heart pumps around 2,688,000 liters of blood every year!

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