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The best time to convey your love and feelings to your near and dear ones would be their birthday. A perfect birthday wish can excite and inspire someone you love. But with time and growing technology birthday wishes has lost its true essence. People have become more dependent on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. No matter how much we move forward in our thoughts and ways of wishing, we all know what are missing on- a traditional birthday wish. So, this time let’s take it back to the old school and do something actually thoughtful. Near or far, a great birthday wish can cross many miles and make loved one’s big day very special; just tag a personalized birthday wish through birthday poems and special greetings along with gifts for your special ones.

Let your folks know that you’ve splurged your time and efforts. Your special efforts will not just inspire them but they will be pleased about the fact that you were in their thoughts, seeing that you have put in your valuable time and efforts to attach your own personal touch with the birthday present just to make their day extra special.

The feeling of being loved is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And you can spread this unusual feeling among the people you love and care for by just greeting them with affection in your thoughts and poetry on their special day.

The miles would just rush down to giggles nothing if you greet someone with a humorous warm card. Especially the people growing old, offering witty birthday wishes that mock those about their age will be fun for both the one receiving the card as well as the person delivering it. This can add a light moment in the party within the family. Such wishes if read aloud at the birthday party will have one and all amused and enjoyable too. Here is another engaging and fun way to send wishes of love and support to your folks. Get together your thoughts into rhyming birthday wishes, and share them in the form of messages or mails throughout their Birthday. This will just make them feel like a teenager again as you make their entire day turn into an occasion for celebration.

Consider sending a short, crisp but sweet birthday verse:

Let me wish you bright days on this day,
In its own way,
I know your mind is great
Hope each part of your dreams create,
Like a precious gem,
I will cherish you all my life.

This will make any person feel loved and treasured, and take you back to the time where it all started. Whether it’s a friend, sibling or someone special, they will be truly touched with your gesture and cherish your presence in their life. We are all so busy with our daily routine that we often overlook to enlighten those close to us how thankful we are with them being a special part of our life. You can also use photos or create collage of the person. This can be created easily online with the help of numerous online gifting portals that provide customized picture gallery. A perfect collage can be fun and will revive all the old memories and bring to life all the special moments once again. You can also try creating a memorial album for that matter.

General Facts about Birthday

The first documented birthday invitation is recorded to be sent by Claudia Severa, who was the wife of a Roman Commander Aelius Brocchus around 100 AD.

If there are 57 people together in a room (or just anywhere else), there is a 99% probability that any two persons have a birthday on the same date.

More than fifteen million people share the same birthday as you!

The most common birthday is 5th October. Did you notice that 5th October comes exactly nine months after New Year’s Eve? It seems people are very much excited on that day!

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Birthdays are special for everyone. We love to contribute in some way to your birthday celebrations. Here are some fun facts about birthday…

The most common and the least common birthdays are Tuesday and Sunday respectively.

Birthdays started to be officially noted in the 19th century. Birthday records before that were not very accurate and these records were not kept for the entire population.

If you are in England, you will receive birthday cards by the Queen for your 100th and 105th birthday and then a card every following year!

The normal beating rate of a human heart is 72 beats per minute. Counting by that rate, your beats about 42,075,900 times between two of your birthdays.

Counting non-stop for 24 hours every day will make you 31,000 years old by the time you count up to one trillion.

The invitations were written on wooden leaf fragments and are known as ‘Vindolanda Tablets’. They are still preserved by the British Museum.

The most expensive birth certificate in the world is named to Paul McCartney. The Certificate was put on auction in March 1997 and it went under the hammer for a whopping $854,146!


August is the month in which the maximum number of people celebrate their birthdays.

Your heart is a great pumping machine. It pumps around 280 liters of blood every hour around your body. If we do the calculations again, it tells us that the heart pumps around 2,688,000 liters of blood every year!

The most expensive birthday party in the world was hosted by the Sultan of Brunei. He celebrated his 50th birthday on 13 July, 1996 with a cost of around $27.2 million.

A ‘Golden Birthday’ is when your age and your birthday are the same. For example, you will celebrate your 18th birthday as your Golden Birthday if your birth date is 18th December.

Do you know that your birthday comes exactly 31,536,000 seconds after your last birthday? Whoa! Seems too long, doesn’t it?

The largest birthday cake in the world was made in 1989 to celebrate the 100th birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama. Weighing over 128,000 pounds, the cake used over 16,000 pounds of icing.

If two teams are playing a football match with the referee in the ground, there is a 50:50 probability that two persons on the ground will have the same birthday. Known as the ‘Birthday Paradox’, this follows everywhere that two persons out of any 23 will have the same birthday.

The Happy Birthday Song is a copyrighted song. It still makes about 2 million dollars every year from licensing fees. The song was originally written as “Good Morning to All” which changed to “Good Morning to You” which eventually became popular when it changed to “Happy Birthday to You”. The song is copyrighted at least till 2030.

The most popular birthday in the world is the Christmas Day which is celebrated as Jesus’ birthday. However, there is no historical evidence of Jesus’ birth on that day. More so, it is highly improbable that Jesus could have born in winter. 25th December started to be celebrated as Christmas day when Christians assigned the day as Jesus’ birthday to stop people from celebrating Saturnalia.

Birthday parties or celebrations started because in ancient times, it was believed that evil spirits attack a person on his birthday. To protect the person, his friends and family members visited with gifts and good wishes to ward off the evil spirits. Noisemakers were also used in such parties because people believed that the noisemakers would scare off the evil spirits.

Birthday Wishes From Around The World

We all have a birthday; every single day of the year has people celebrating this unique day in our lives. However, the history and tradition of the birthday can vary greatly depending on where you come from and what your culture and heritage is. The origin of birthday celebrations and wishes is Europe, where they were commonly used as a means of warding off negative energies and bad spirits.

Family and friends would gather around the individual to offer love, positivity and protection. It was believed that spirits were especially interested in somebody on the day of their birth, so this ritual has evolved for years until it just became common tradition. What about other parts of the world? How did they first start to provide birthday wishes?

The Greeks

In Greek culture and tradition, birthdays are not seen as something to celebrate. However, in Ancient Greece they used to sacrifice a round cake to Artemisia, as a symbol of the moon. They would also light candles on top of these cakes to make it look like it was glowing – sound familiar? Although birthdays aren’t a big part of Greek tradition, they certainly borrowed ideas from traditional birthday celebrations and wishes in Europe.

The Egyptians

The first real mention of birthday celebrations within Egyptian cultures comes in the Book of Genesis. In Chapter 40, verse 20, there is mention of a birthday in celebration of the Pharaoh and that a grand banquet was held in his honour. This shows that birthday traditions certainly existed in the Ancient Egyptian cultures, but how far down it went through culture is unknown.

The Romans

Romans were known for celebrating the birthdays of particular cities and organisations rather than the birth of individuals, at least in public. Private ceremonies that included close family and friends were commonplace with the introduction of gifts soon to follow. Even Imperial family members long since deceased would have their birthday celebrated – it was seen as a good way to bring celebration to the public easily.

What we do know is that birthday wishes have always been used as a means of positivity and good grace. Lots of parts of the world have their own cultures, but even the most powerful cultures in Ancient history used a form of birthday celebration. If you don’t think that birthdays are worth celebrating, then just considering that some of the ruthless empires of the past saw them as a positive thing might help sway your mind a little.

This is a brilliant opportunity for people to pass on good tidings and love for people they feel close to – and whatever the wish style or format is, birthday wishes can only bring a nice, positive atmosphere to the entire day. What can be more important than passing on peace and love to another person?